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Extra points - Essay Example

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Instructor: The Heritage Foundation report indicates that there were 3.44 millio0n households headed by “unlawful immigrants” in 2010 containing 12.7 million persons. How do unlawful immigrant households compare to lawful immigrant households and non-immigrant households and how many “lawful immigrant children” reside in these “unlawful households”?…
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Extra points
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Download file to see previous pages Generally typical unlawful immigrant household has only a 10th grade education. Consequently non-immigrants have low paying jobs hence pay less tax. On the other hand most house hold heads of lawful immigrants are well educated. Lawful immigrants headed by well-educated household tend to pay higher taxes that exceed the direct benefits they receive from the government. According to this report, lawful immigrants with college education heads generates a fiscal surplus of approximately$29250 which the government uses to finance the benefits of unlawful immigrants with less education who consequently contribute less taxes leaving the government with huge fiscal deficit. The benefits they receive exceed the taxes they pay to the government. Unlawful migrants unlike lawful migrants do not have access to social security, Medicare and other tested welfare services. However their children benefit from highly subsidized public education, medical benefits and welfare services offered by the government. Unlawful immigrant household heads also benefit from the use of sewers, roads, parks, police, fire and state security. These available resources get overburdened due to congestion effects hence leading to decline of quality of services to be offered to lawful migrants and non-immigrants. It’s assumed by analysts that nearly half of the unlawful immigrants do not pay income or FICA taxes because most of them work “off the books”. In 2010, the Pew Hispanic Centre estimated children residing in US with unlawful parents to be 5.5 million. Out of this, 4.5 million were born in the US while the remaining 1 million migrated with their parents to the US. They therefore qualify to be legal citizens and are entitled to state welfare and subsidized education. In average, unlawful immigrants have about 3.7 percent of persons in their households as compared to non-immigrant who have 2.7 persons in their households. This indicates that households of unlawful immigrants are larger than the household of non-immigrants. How has the relative education of unlawful immigrant households changed over time, and how does it compare to the education level of lawful immigrant and non-immigrant households? Data from the NELS indicate that the children of unlawful immigrant’s households will improve more than the educational levels of their parents. However 18 percent of these children are likely to drop out of school without even a high school degree while about 13 percent are likely to graduate with a college degree. The rest will either attain high qualification or some college training school. College graduates with degrees need to be improved to 30 percent to match with the levels of lawful immigrants and non-immigrants. In assessing the distribution of government benefits and costs, the study uses 6 categories of benefits/expenditures. Briefly describe what is in each category Government benefits and services are distributed into six categories as follows: Direct benefits - : This involves the cost of services offered to the citizens or the direct cash transfer. They include the costs of Medicare services, unemployment insurance, workers compensation and social security. It’s calculated on the per capita of the Medicare cost that the government spends on its citizens. Means-tested benefit - : These are welfare costs that are channeled ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Extra Points Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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