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Self evaluation - Essay Example

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What are some of the key probable positions associated to the theme of focus? The possible stands could be that the state welfare should be abolished instead of being upheld. This is probably because it encourages laziness and makes people more reluctant to seek employment…
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Self evaluation
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Extract of sample "Self evaluation"

Computer Laws and Crimes Self-evaluation What is your theme of focus? ‘All forms of government welfare should beabolished’ is my topic of choice.
2. What are some of the key probable positions associated to the theme of focus? The possible stands could be that the state welfare should be abolished instead of being upheld. This is probably because it encourages laziness and makes people more reluctant to seek employment (Nathan, 2000). One could also make a stand that the government welfare should be embraced to ensure that state benefits are disseminated to the underprivileged citizens to sustain their standards of good fortune.
3. What is your stand in relation to the theme of focus? My position regarding the matter remains that state welfare should be upheld in all countries globally. Basically, the welfare encourages poverty and crime eradication (Shavell, 2009). In addition, it also helps people to realize some basic needs and rights that they would not achieve without the same. Consequently, each world state should adapt welfare programs.
4. What are some of the proofs supporting your position? Have you counted in your survey outcomes? In accordance with my survey, poverty in most states reduces after they uphold welfare programs. Experimental proofs suggest that taxes significantly decrease poverty in most republics whose welfare states generally constitute no less than 25 percent of GDP (Nathan, 2000). Following the introduction of welfare programs, the ultimate poverty level in the Netherlands dropped from 22.1 to 9.3 percent and from 15.2 to 4.3 percent in Germany among other similar situations (Shavell, 2009).
Besides, welfare offers a minimum state of wellbeing to citizens through health services, subsidies, housing and monetary payments among others. For instance, The Great Depression presented overwhelming impacts in virtually all countries. Tax revenue, Personal income and prices plunged, whereas international trade dropped by 50%.
On the other hand, studies have always revealed that the minor socioeconomic class participates in more felonious activities than the rich. Most criminals are always impoverished characters who live in disordered settlements. In addition, they always lack the social backing as well as economic resources that are definitely available for the well-to-do families in the society. Consequently, since welfare reduces poverty as discussed above, it is also evident that it definitely decreases the level of crime. However, this does not necessarily imply that it totally eradicates criminal activities.
5. Place your stand and proof through the scientific techniques. Are there any phases in which your stand and proof do not hit the mark of the examination? If there are, what measures can you take to make them more tolerable? Basically, the confirmation technique may require more data on welfare recipients (Shavell, 2009). Above and beyond, statistics on the proportion of citizens who have been partakers of the welfare programs as well as those who have been raised from poverty should be considered. Besides, I also require more verification to prove that welfare ultimately leads to a sense of reliance and idleness.
6. Definitely, if there was no government welfare, non-working individuals would not feel the need to depend on the working class so much, but would levies ultimately reduce? Certainly not all underprivileged citizens would lose their lives, what about some? Of course, with no welfare, there would be increased poverty and crime rates (Nathan, 2000). There would be more hunger and some poor people would definitely die. Let all states therefore adopt the welfare programs.
Nathan, P. (2000). Social Science in Government: The Role of Policy Researchers. LONDON, LDN: Rockefeller Institute Press.
Shavell, S. (2009). Fairness versus Welfare. New York, NY: Harvard University Press. Read More
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Self Evaluation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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