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Self-Evaluation paper - Assignment Example

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This is because a teacher has to measure many factors against each other before reaching a final verdict. However, I believe that a student also has some right to argue…
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Self-Evaluation paper
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Extract of sample "Self-Evaluation paper"

Download file to see previous pages Following discussion seeks to prove my point on grounds of logical evidence which I will be using to advance my interests.
I have always remained very interested in the English language. It has always sounded very beautiful to me which served to augment my interest in majoring in this language despite not being a native speaker. I have written many essays during the course of this semester which served to refine my writing skills and boost my confidence. I perfectly well remember the traumatic state of cognitive dissonance I found myself in when I first landed in this foreign country. My knowledge of the English language used to be quite succinct back then as a result of which I was not very fluent in speaking this language let alone writing essays laced with all possible kinds of literary embellishments. I encountered many hurdles and went through countless heavy experiences, but what I gained as a result will continue to benefit me throughout life. I am of course speaking about what I learned during this semester and how in many different ways it helped me in becoming an accomplished writer who takes pride in his skills. It is not my intention to use this medium to build my reputation as a person who is cocksure of his credentials or performance and has become excessively haughty as a result. Rather, I am fully aware that despite amassing much valuable experience, I am still not an above average student. However, given the fact that I am international student and English is not my native language, it would not be empty mockery to suggest that I have put my skills to good use. These skills I acquired during the course of this semester which enabled me to become free from the clutches of some serious deficiencies.
After deep analysis of all I went through this semester and all I gained in the process more importantly, it is safe to assume that this grade B is the grade I rightfully deserve. I do not want my professor to see me as a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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