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Hoarding Disorder - Research Paper Example

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The client is a single 27-years old woman and comes from an affluent family. The woman has excessive acquisition, where she displays difficulty of discarding possessions accompanied by an…
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Hoarding Disorder
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Download file to see previous pages She says that her living areas are congested and accumulated with possessions that negatively compromise with the intended use of the living areas. The client confesses to me that she has impaired interpersonal skills and her social and occupational functioning is not right. She clinically distressed. According to my client, she always feels responsible for the fate of her possessions and thinks parting with such possessions is being wasteful. The client fears that vital data could be lost if she throws away some of the possessions that congest her living areas. Some of the items that congest her living areas include books, clothing, paper-bags, mail, magazines and newspapers. She experiences distress when she is required to discard these items. Such piling of clutter in all living spaces makes it hard for her to comfortably utilize the available scarce space in her living areas.
There are other features of the client that support the diagnosis of the hoarding disorder in her. According to what she tells me, she experiences traits like indecisiveness, perfectionism, avoidance, persistent procrastination, difficulty in planning and organizing her work. The client has a general anxiety disorder and social phobia. She also experiences post-traumatic stress disorder. She stays in unsanitary living conditions due to the cluttered living spaces resulting from the difficulty of planning and organization of the items piled in those living spaces. The client also reports to me that a family member, her paternal aunt, also has a hoarding disorder. The hoarding disorder of the client could be because of genetic inheritance.
The scale I used to assess hoarding disorder in the client is called the Hoarding Rating Scale (HRS). It is a five-item interview that can be administered to a potential victim in the form of a questionnaire. The questions are about clutter, difficulty discarding, excessive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Hoarding Disorder Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1.
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