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The Body Cutting Nature of Adolescents and Possible Reasons for this Behavior - Research Paper Example

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The purpose of this paper is to study the main cause of the behavior among the youth and also research the main reasons that lead to such behavior. The paper tries to bring out the causes for this issue and to recommend ways to get over the self-mutilating and self-cutting behavior…
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The Body Cutting Nature of Adolescents and Possible Reasons for this Behavior
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Extract of sample "The Body Cutting Nature of Adolescents and Possible Reasons for this Behavior"

Download file to see previous pages With the intensifying competition and high levels of stress that adolescents are faced with on a daily basis, one of the growing issues that have been found among adolescents includes Self – mutilating behavior. Almost 70% of this behavior is found to be in adolescent girls and the behavior tends to stay on with the individuals for at least fifteen to twenty years. Adolescent body cutting has been an everlasting issue and has been a growing concern for both parents as well as the scientific groups like doctors. With the increase in the self-injuring nature of the people, the increased need to find an adequate solution has also been on a rise.

The specific issues that will be discussed in the paper will include the reasons why adolescents go on to become self-destructive and prefer to die than to live. Self Destructive here refers to a behavior where the individual tries to hurt themselves in an attempt to take control of their lives. The objective is to understand this behavior and to recommend a solution to the issue. The objective also includes attempting to assist people with the issue and providing a path to help them realize their problems and find suitable solutions for the issues.

The study will aim at highlighting the possible reasons why an individual moves into this stance in life and start to hurt themselves. This will be based on complete secondary research and an attempt will be made to highlight the various thoughts that have been put forth in the past.

The issue of self-mutilating and self-destructive behavior is one of the least understood and recognized issues. This, however, has been noted to increase at a staggering rate and the most affected by this fall into the adolescent groups. It has been studied that almost 750 to 1800 adolescents of every 100,000 exhibit this behavior (Suyemoto & Kountz, 2000). It has been studied that almost 750 to 1800 adolescents of every 100,000 exhibit this behavior (Suyemoto & Kountz, 2000).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Body Cutting Nature of Adolescents and Possible Reasons for This Research Paper - 4.
“The Body Cutting Nature of Adolescents and Possible Reasons for This Research Paper - 4”, n.d.
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