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Outline of Annotated Bibliography - Essay Example

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Topic: This exploratory study shall attempt to answer relatively basic and more complex questions pertaining to the dynamics of human romantic relationships, specific to heterosexual relationships – how they begin; effects on the romantic couple; how involved individuals…
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Outline of Annotated Bibliography
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"Outline of Annotated Bibliography"

Download file to see previous pages It explains how nature tries to balance the differences of men and women so they will be able to mate. An example is the equalization of testosterone levels between the sexes. Studies by Dr. Marazziti, a professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pisa revealed that other levels of hormones, like serotonin and oxytocin gets altered in the early phases of a romance, but eventually goes back to normal after some time.
Related to the article of Kahn, this article, a magazine article whimsically written as a narrative discusses the physiological effects of romance. It reports anthropologist Helen Fisher’s studies on the biochemical pathways of love in all its manifestations: romance, lust, attachment, etc. Fisher has done experiments on people “in love” by putting them in MRI machines and studying how their brain works when shown a photograph of their beloved ones. It was found out that the effect is stimulating the part of the brain associated with reward and pleasure and stimulates the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for creating intense energy, exhilaration, focused attention, and motivation to win rewards.
The article also discussed studies by Donatella Marazitti, (previously mentioned in the annotation before this current one) who studied the similarities of low serotonin hormone levels of people in love and people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
It also shares other biological effects of passion and romance, the way dopamine levels of passionate lovers are high when a romance is new but when it gets comfortable enough, couples thrive on oxytocin, the hormone responsible for attachment to one another.
This article reports the advantages of sex and gets into a discussion of non-verbal signals women give out during the courtship period of a romantic relationship. Some signals that women give out when they are interested in a man is flashing eyebrows, eye contact, smiling, primping, showing of palms, running fingers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Outline of Annotated Bibliography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 Words.
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