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Main Causes for Greek Dark Ages - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The assignment contains the plan of the paper and the annotated bibliography of sources about main causes for Greek Dark Ages such as "The Greek Dark Ages", "The Greek Colonization Movement-When and Why?" and "The Historicity of the Homeric Poems and Traditions"…
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Main Causes for Greek Dark Ages
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Extract of sample "Main Causes for Greek Dark Ages"

Download file to see previous pages The Greek Economic and Agriculture System: The inefficiencies of the political system to manage the Greek agricultural system resulted in the migration of Greek-speaking population when the phenomenon of overpopulation struck Greece.
Underpopulation and the Dark Ages. The analysis will contest that War ravaged Greece ended up being underpopulated. The colonization had already stretched the Greek population till the Far East and the Mediterranean. Thus due to underpopulation, the Greek populations got smaller and Isolated. Communication among Greeks was lost and culture stopped to flourish.
The Dorian Factor: The migration of Dorian population and its invasion onto Mycenaean Greeks did play a role in the advent of Dark Ages but was it only the external invasions or the weaknesses in Mycenaean power Hierarchy and mythical beliefs that led to the fall of Greeks.
Conclusion: The Greek dark ages lasted from 1100 BC until 800 BC. Life was undoubtedly harsh for the Greeks of the Dark ages. Despite all the presented reasons there still remains a doubt in historians regarding the exact reasons that introduced Dark Ages in Greek history. Among many reasons, there is also evidence of the collapse of Bronze Age due to natural catastrophes such as volcanic eruption. Historians cite a volcano eruption around 1570 BC as well. Data on changing climatic conditions based on pollen and wood samples suggests that maybe there was an ecological decline e.g. a series of drought or famine.
The book approaches the era in chronological order and by geographical areas. Among many other things the book essentially outlines the combat readiness of Greeks in the Mycenaean era, yet another clue that may explain the lukewarm resistance of Greeks to the Dorian migration.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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