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Local channel San antonio TX, channel 5 - Research Paper Example

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Name Instructor Course Date The newscast I watched was fox 51 news at nine in the night. The news was anchored by Kris Betts, the main anchor, scot Chester, who presented the weather and Danny Elzner who presented the sports of the day. The date of the news was December, 12th, 2012…
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Local channel San antonio TX, channel 5
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Download file to see previous pages The news started with the marriages that were happening during the day, and it was a foregone conclusion that the day was unique in engaging in marriages. As it was a memorable day. Most of those who commented said that it would be easy to remember the day as it had the same numbers for months days and years. The possibility that it could take another century to take another millennium to have such a date. Then, the story of birthing followed. Mothers wanted to give birth on this phenomenal day in history. The first events of the newscast were targeting the family since they talked much about the family. This is evident in the themes of marriage and giving of birth in the first two segments of the news. This news could be watched by all audiences since it dwelt on the family and had no violence in it. Thus, this news segment targeted all people regardless of their ages, especially those who are about to wed or planning to wed sometime later. Crime and murder then followed. This was evident n the news about a certain man called Jacob Mathews who went on a rampage, shooting and killing three two people and seriously injuring one. He was camouflaged and wore a bullet proof vest. It was done in Portland, Oregon. The person used a rifle in the shooting. The events in this story were not appropriate for children. The story required a mature audience. Another story involved the robbery of arms by masked men who were caught on surveillance cameras. They were not successful since the alarms went off and became a scare to them. they had stolen the a barbeque vehicle. Only the vehicle was found after the thugs escaped. Karen an employee of trust bank spoke on the issue. The story was appropriate in that there was a crime that was about to be committed, and the authorities put the public on notice to report anybody they suspected in the involvement of the crime. The audience to this was largely the banks and security firms, and to a small extent, the public since they were to report any suspect to the police. The security firms and banks were appropriate audiences because the act focuses on their securing of the banks using security systems. The robbers were not able to break through the ATMs because the alarms went off. This was to send a message to the banks to involve security firms in beefing up security to prevent cases of break-ins in their ATMs. Another story was about pilgrim’s pride being involved in 4 serious violations, and if they don’t deal with the violations in 15 business days they will face the consequences of breaking the laws. The audience to this was other organizations that are related to pilgrim’s pride. They are also put on notice though indirectly. This sent a message that any organization contravening the laws set will face legal process and could be prosecuted in a court of law. There was no happy talk in this story since it involved serous sentences and the newscaster just wore her customary smile as she presented the news. The next story was of two brothers who engaged in burglary. They vandalized five dorms and stole various goods. The came us a surprise to many since the two were former members of the corps. Jovan and Allison Martinez were the individuals who engaged in this act of thievery. Their intention was unknown as it caused may unanswered questions. Only one brother was caught. The audiences for this story were members of the corps and the general public. the news anchor was not smiling as much as she presented t ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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