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The author, a graduate from Colombia and a teacher by profession uses the education system in America to express how education contributes to the production of incomplete citizens. He begins by explaining about how he pursued teaching profession, a career that he did not life…
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Annotated Bibliography Gatto, John. Against School. http
The author, a graduate from Colombia and a teacher by profession uses the education system in America to express how education contributes to the production of incomplete citizens. He begins by explaining about how he pursued teaching profession, a career that he did not life. He further details on how teaching profession made him experience hard times in schools that he taught. First he begins by making his stand that teaching is so boring. He then asserts that teaching denies one the freedom of privacy. From his argument, one can deduce that the main theme of his article is that education offered to children does not produce the desired products. In justifying this, the author expounds on how he jumped from profession to profession before settling on teaching as a profession at the end of the day. Additionally, the article asserts that education divides students according to performance. This is justified by the authors claim that teachers divide students through grading and ranking. The author also associates schools with laboratories of experimentation. According to him, schools teach children to behave as well as becoming servants. The author justifies this by expressing his belief that most teachers educate students instead of schooling them (689). The article also claims that education plays a very significant role in producing mediocre students. This is justified by the authors belief that education system in the U.S. denies children a chance of developing leadership skills. The points and arguments expressed in the article are defendable, most people in the world work in the fields that they do not like or enjoy. However, the author of the article also made a great mistake in associating provision of education with production of mediocre students.
Rose, Mike. I Just Wanna Be Average.
The author, an average student from one of the schools in the U.S., uses the academic performance of children in the U.S. to criticize the U.S. academic system. He believes that the education system in the U.S. contribute significantly in the production of mediocre citizens. He expounds this by providing detailed information about the challenges he underwent together with his schoolmates while schooling. The author also details on how most teachers teach what they did not know. He justifies this by giving an example of a teacher who ensured they have read multiple books in order to complete the semester. He further claims that apart from many parents not following up the performance of their children at school, very few teachers worked hard with an aim of ensuring that their students have exceled (4). However, he believes that schooling in the U.S. had some positive implications on the students; it made students develop socially. The author also outlines on how students indulged in cheating in order to succeed and pass the assessments tests of the subjects they did not like. The author of the article believes that most students are average students. This is evidenced by his claim that he did not want to become a doctor as required by his parents; he performed poorly in both biological theory and practical sciences. The arguments presented by the article also show that it is very embarrassing to keep reading the same material over and over without understanding. Additionally, the author thinks education as one form of punishment impacted on students. The argument presented in the article paints a clear picture of what takes place in many schools; many students pursue careers that they do not enjoy. Read More
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