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Should school uniforms be mandatory - Assignment Example

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Uniforms are mostly used to identify a person’s profession whereas in schools it is used to identify the students. Even though uniforms at workplaces are mostly accepted by the public,…
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Should school uniforms be mandatory
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Download file to see previous pages Many people believe that the school uniforms must be implemented strictly in schools in order to avoid any negative feelings among children. Supporters of school uniform argue that it is essential in the current world in which school children are utilized for executing antisocial activities like violence, drug trafficking, sexual exploitations etc. On the other hand, critiques believe that the implementation of uniforms in schools is a violation of human right which prevents school children from expressing their identity or personality. They believe that a unified dress code can affect the diversity in school campus and prevent children from thinking creatively. I am an advocate of the strict adherence of school uniforms in school campus and this paper analyses various factors in favor and against the implementation of school uniforms.
Unified dress codes in schools can prevent discrimination and develop a sense of equality among students. School children often compare their dresses with that of their colleagues. If he feels that his dresses are poor compared to his colleagues he might develop inferiority complex. In order to avoid such negative feelings uniforms must be implemented in schools.
One of the major arguments in favor of school uniforms is related to safety and security of the students. The safety argument is that school uniforms make it more difficult for unwelcome outsiders to infiltrate the school grounds (Those disgusting School Uniforms) School is a place which is attracted by antisocial elements in order to derail the developments of the students and also for executing their secret missions. School uniform would help to identify the intruders in the school compound and the authorities can easily identify who are students and who are intruders and thus the chances of crimes can be considerably reduced.
It is easy for to exploit school children for sexual exploitations because of the hormonal developments ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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