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MBA: Self evaluation Paper The field of business has always been my passion and I have worked very hard to establish my position in this career. I have been a very oriented and business minded person and have gained experience in this field to polish and refine my skills…
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Self Evaluation-Educational Objective
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MBA: Self evaluation Paper The field of business has always been my passion and I have worked very hard to establish my position in this career. I have been a very oriented and business minded person and have gained experience in this field to polish and refine my skills. The profession of business always has changing trends and patterns and I try to keep myself updated with the day to day changes in this field. I believe in creativity and this is the reason why I search for opportunities and investments in different forms of industry. To further enhance my skills I would like to get enrolled in the MBA program where I can gain more knowledge and at the same time utilize my practical experiences and contribute to this industry. I got knowledge about it by a friend who has taken part in the MBA program and was satisfied with the curriculum and results of it. I believe that this is the right time to apply for an MBA program as education provides advantages and helps in improving the performance of the person in practical work life. I believe the most important concepts today are globalization, corporate governance and group work. The concepts and theories related to them help a lot in understanding and managing issues which arise. The most crucial issues to be managed are cultural diversity, discrimination and lack of communication skills. I believe that MBA program will be helpful in understanding the ways to tackle these issues and maintain a level of understanding between the group members or employees of the organization. I have the capability to work in a group and coordinate with my team members in an efficient manner. This will assist me in coordinating in a good manner with my colleagues in the MBA program and share experiences. The program will at the same time help me in broadening my perspectives with regard to the financial sector. I will contribute and share my views and experiences with my colleagues of the ventures that I actively participated in and gain from their knowledge and experience as well. I will also work with my classmates and actively engage in business activities by sharing ideas and work towards setting up successful ventures. I will actively participate and encourage my equals to come up with ideas so that we can all excel in the business sector and gain as much as we can from our MBA program. Also I will share my experiences and teach my fellows that the business sector requires right thinking at the right time and assist them in initiating new programs. I will put up all my efforts during this program to further enhance my skills and the gain the most from this program to refine my ability to be a successful part of the business industry. My past academic performance, somehow, is not comparable to my present state. I have practical experience now and can understand the concepts more easily now. I have the background information about the subjects that I am taking in this course. I intend to complete this program with good results and will put my best efforts to support the classmates to minimize the problems that arise in the diversified environment today. Read More
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