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This paper “Formative, Summative and Confirmative Evaluation” will cover the three different types of evaluation processes namely: formative, summative and the confirmative evaluation. It will discuss the similarities and differences of each type as well…
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Formative, Summative and Confirmative Evaluation
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Download file to see previous pages While summative evaluation focuses on the outcome or the effectiveness of the program. It is used to measure effectiveness of a performance intervention or evaluates if the interventions during the process have resulted into an effective outcome (Van Tiem et al., 2000, p. 157). Summative evaluation as the name suggests summarizes the result after the whole process was made by assessing whether the object can be said to have caused the outcome; determining the overall impact of the causal factor beyond only the immediate target outcomes; and, estimating the relative costs associated with the object (Trochim, 2006).
On the contrary, confirmative evaluation, unlike the first two focuses on determining the adequacy of competence of the learners. Confirmative Evaluation is applied to analyze long-term performance by collecting, examining and interpreting data and information in order to determine the continuing competence of learners or the continuing effectiveness of instructional materials (Van Tiem et al., 2000, p.157-158).
Compare and Contrast
The benefits of using the formative evaluation include enabling the teachers to assess the students with what they need to do and adjusting in order to have a better lessons and activities. It also allows them to know if their program is working, and they allow students to know their own progress. Students are more motivated because they learn to assess themselves (Boston, 2002). Summative evaluation’s benefits are the teachers are able to determine where the student’s weak area is and they can provide a better solution. It also measures the success of their training program and it makes the students gain confidence knowing that their progress is good (Boston, 2002). Confirmative evaluation’s benefit is that it analyzes long term performance and it is able to measure whether the learners are competent and whether the materials used are effective. Formative and summative evaluation provides a fast solution while confirmative provides a solution after a period of time. Teachers are faced with the challenge of developing their own assessments and it’s often a challenge especially for new teachers to understand the differences between the types of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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