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Students should associate 2700 with a three quarter turn, 3600 with a whole turn, 900 with a quarter turn or right angle and 1800 with a half turn or a straight line. They measure the same angles with a protractor
The lesson plan uses a variety of differentiated instruction…
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Observing Math instruction
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Download file to see previous pages It also allows students to learn both individually and in groups. This lesson will allow the impaired students to use their own senses. Their senses become highly developed, and they work on the ones they have shown deficiencies in. The lesson plan will also appeal to those with ADHD because of its stimulating and interactive nature.
Primary: For students to understand that one whole turn is 3600, three quarters turn is 2700, half a turn is 1800 and a quarter turn is 900 this knowledge then gets applied while measuring angles using a protractor.
Explain to students what the process for observation and learning will be for the measuring of angles. Lesson will commence with finding out what the students know about the angles. This gets followed by individual observation of how the teacher and the instructor on the projector turn. This will get done step by step until all angles are covered. Teacher then guides the students to measure the angles on photographs provided with a protractor. The lesson will sum up through questions that will test the understanding of the students and make clarifications.
Introduce the lesson through an interactive session between the students and teacher. Explain to the students that one complete turn is four right angles. Ask the students to stand up and face North. Instruct them on the direction to face and face that way. Tell them to follow your instruction and to copy.
Students watch on the projector and observe how the instructor turns making different turns to indicate different angles. This gets done step by step to allow students to emulate what the instructor is doing and understand which angle the turn indicates.
Students will answer various questions assigned by the teacher to be answered during the observation. For example, how many degrees are; the first turn, second turn, third turn, fourth turn and fifth turn? After this, in small ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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