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Professional development plan for a teacher - Assignment Example

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This research presents professional development plan for a teacher. The report will cover the following: implementation of the expert growth and performance plan with varied support needs; annual schedule for the expert growth and performance plan…
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Professional development plan for a teacher
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Extract of sample "Professional development plan for a teacher"

Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that teaching is a complex profession that needs teachers to incorporate both the technological innovation and the art of their art in order to impact studies. However, the people involved in the profession like teachers at times fail to see the complexity hence implemented; the arts have little or no effect. Therefore, technological innovation of teaching demands to know studying theory and how the brain functions. The art of teaching needs teachers to synthesize content, procedure, products, and environmental resources to create engaging studying actions that enhance the success of diverse students. Moreover, teachers must perfect the art and technological innovation of teaching in a world that is recognized by rapid change increased social variety and significant progression and application of information. Such a world needs educational institutions to enhance what is certified, how it is certified, the stage to which students know what is certified, and the components required to coming back up studying among employees and students. According to Sousa & Tomlinson, the Professional Growth and Performance Plan explain a procedure that awards differences among teachers, encourages beneficial change, and provides concrete support for enhancing studying and teaching. Teachers and administrators perform together to evaluation performance on requirements, talk about ways to enhance studying and teaching, and identify professional growth goals...
Purpose five and the actions particular that support this goal has been designed for those educators who’s Expert Growth Activities/Plans involves helping other teachers develop professionally (Sousa & Tomlinson, 2011). Some of the places my goals will concentrate on include: 1. Mindset, learning environment and differentiation 2. Curriculum and differentiation 3. Assessment and differentiation 4. Student readiness and differentiation 5. Student interest and differentiation 6. Student learning profile and differentiation 7. Managing a differentiated classroom The general activities I will engage in to realize my goals and develop professionally include: 1. I will enhance my teaching abilities to be able to better support special needs students by staying current with new educational methods through professional development in-services, classes and alternatives. 2. I will support and help teacher entry season teachers to help them become effective unique information teachers by guidance and referring to my information, teaching methods and components used dealing with special needs students. 3. I will obtain the information required to gather information, create components and put into place personalized studying /behavior programs that are appropriate for personal autistic children by dealing with the school system autism specialist and by getting element autism classes. 4. I will enhance my abilities in teaching students so they can enhance higher student studying by getting my Experts Degree in Curriculum Development. 5. I will obtain several methods to enhance and indicate upon my group place teaching to be able to become a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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