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Teacher - Essay Example

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Education is one of the essential requirements for everybody to become useful citizens of a country and the teacher is the person who helps or guide students in achieving the knowledge required for this purpose. A good education always offers something new for everyone,…
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Extract of sample "Teacher"

Download file to see previous pages “Performance is a developmental process that needs to be supported and facilitated.” (Maloy & Seidman, P. 28) However, tradition and qualifications on paper alone does not guarantee success in teaching profession. In the case of tradition, learners of today have different learning styles and come from diverse backgrounds. In addition to this, the integration of technology into the curriculum demands a shift in the teaching styles of teachers since new set of skills must be utilized to impart learning. Traditional method is only focused on intellectual learning and it is teacher –centered. Contrastingly, non traditional styles which promotes cooperative learning lead to increased motivation and academic performance ( Johnson, R. T., and Johnson, D. W.p.25).
Similarly, academic qualification alone does not guarantee effective teaching. Other aspects as such as teaching styles and behavior which have been acquired through training and experience is more important than academic qualifications. In a study of teachers style published by Grasha, it was reported that teachers who exhibit medium intellectual excitement and high interpersonal rapport “ are generally excellent for any group of students and teaching situation” ( Grasha P.35 ). It is important therefore that teachers do not only have academic qualifications but a set of skills as well as positive interpersonal behavior to be able to perform his role in the school setting. In the modern school setting, the teacher will not only deal with students but with the whole organization as well; thus, making him responsible to all stakeholders in the learning process. Some basic skills required for becoming a successful teacher are; Pedagogical skill, Interpersonal skill, Organizational skill, Subject matter (content) & methodology skill , Skill in cooperating with colleagues and Skill in cooperating with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Best Education and the Good Teacher primary school. I hear them talk in the classroom of Xbox and Wii consoles and their accompanying games, some of which are played by adults. The 21st century is the age of communication with the world merely the press of a button away. How many children have a mobile phone? These days it is easier these days to ask how many do not have one. It is into this age and environment that our children from such a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures will be born and grow and all must be included and catered for in our educational system. How successful each and every child is, is the measure of how good that system is and how good the teachers are especially will be operating in a climate of constant change. This essay considers the...
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Teacher`s Personality Qualities

...and multifaceted task which requires knowledge, communication skills, and special personality traits. However, being a good teacher is not having an inborn talent, it means being able to improve constantly. In this paper I want to argue that constant self-development is one of the crucial components that make a great teacher as every quality required from a great teacher is matter of practice and experience. There exist certain prerequisites, certain “musts” for being a good teacher. A subject matter knowledge is considered a core of teacher`s profession. Teacher is someone who helps others to understand information, and knowing...
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