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Professionalism in Education and its Impact on Teachers - Essay Example

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As the report, Professionalism in Education and its Impact on Teachers, declares professionalism in education has been a matter of controversy for the recent decades. In many western countries Participatory democracy was an active force in policy debate on education in 1970s. …
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Professionalism in Education and its Impact on Teachers
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Download file to see previous pages This study stresses that an educator’s pursuit for excellence is determined by his professional competence, preparation, knowledge of the subject and his teaching skills. Professionalism has caused profound changes in educational structure and the people’s concept of education. According to this view the professionalism of a teacher can be assed by three important ideas like preparation, knowledge of subject area, and defined pedagogy. Preparation means a professional would prepare his class room in spite of all adversities. He would break all barriers with effective teaching techniques. Along with the preparation a professional teacher with his wide range of knowledge would help the students to understand the material being taught. This research highlights that the Higher Education Act of 2004 was a remarkable step towards achieving professionalism in education. The 2004 Act was intended to integrate the educational activities and concepts under a unique regulation. This Act “makes provision about research in the arts and humanities and about complaints by students against institutions providing higher education; to make provision about fees payable by students in higher education; to provide for the appointment of a Director of Fair Access to Higher Education; to make provision about grants and loans to students in higher or further education; to limit the jurisdiction of visitors of institutions providing higher education; and for connected purposes”. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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