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Group-based learning - Essay Example

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This paper “Group-based learning” explores a set of discussion questions that would be used in a training discussion group. It explains the processes and principles that would be followed when planning, organizing, and delivering group based training…
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Group-based learning
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Download file to see previous pages It explains the processes and principles that would be followed when planning, organizing, and delivering group based training. Leadership is a skill that is taught in attempts of developing leaders who are not only morally acceptable but also technically sound. In any work place, leadership skills are vital in facilitating the expansion and thriving of a company’s operations. This means that, organizational leaders who have leadership skills would be able to encourage work teams to work towards the set objectives thus improving the work place experience (TAEDEL401A, 2012). Additionally, leadership skills would stimulate a leader to transform the performance of an organization. It is a skill that boosts confidence among individuals in leadership positions. Learning leadership skills would not only increase enthusiasm among participants in leadership positions, but also harmonizes employees’ interests with the organizational goals. In this respect, the table (Table 1) outlines a set of discussion question in leadership. These questions are meant to establish the leader skills within all participants. The participants of this training program would be divided into two groups. Each group shall have about five subjects. Each participant in the group would be required to give out his or her views concerning the discussion question. A printed work sheet having all questions shall be given to each participant. This means that, organizational leaders who have leadership skills. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Group-Based Learning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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