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Educational Organization Evaluation Process - Research Paper Example

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From the paper "Educational Organization Evaluation Process" it is clear that the process which described serves as a guide for the educational organization to work on areas that need improvement as a whole. The process can be applied to any type or size of the organization…
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Educational Organization Evaluation Process
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Extract of sample "Educational Organization Evaluation Process"

Download file to see previous pages Evaluation should be considered as an important part of the development process for an educational organization. Primarily, educational institutions use evaluation data to exhibit effectiveness and secondly, to present performance measure, which would be a very good marketing tool. Such evaluation is a specialized activity that educators must undertake in order to assess and develop the learning experience that they are offering (Stronge & Helm, 1990).
An outline is presented showing the required processes for the educational organization evaluation. The process provides guidelines for designing, implementing, assessing and improving the identified form of evaluation. Each of the steps aims to promote evaluations that are proper, useful, feasible, and accurate.
The following steps could be undertaken in order to evaluate and analyze the Educational organization (Stufflebeam, 1999). The process could also be used to research and assess the effectiveness of the educational system which is used in an educational institution vital in the formulation of educational policies geared towards the realization of an empowered and globally competitive citizen.
Goals for undertaking the evaluation should be clearly defined because these goals will significantly impact the shape of the organization’s efforts. Before the purpose could be fully identified, it is important to use information that is already available. Valuable information of a student can be obtained from the student’s classroom teacher, the cumulative file, and the parent regarding the learning problem. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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