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Organization and Group Process - Coursework Example

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Organization and Group Process Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: In an organization, there are issues that need a careful consideration that are targeted to improve the condition so that to optimize the usage of the resources that leaders and employees invest in a venture…
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Organization and Group Process
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Download file to see previous pages The facilities that organizations use in the course of operation require a lot of monitoring so that they can remain relevant to the process and this requires the leadership or the management team to provide necessary resources to achieve the set goals. This necessary in all organization including the education department where there are various demands that leaders need to put into consideration to come up with strategies to enhance learning for all the students (Passino, 2004). In order to achieve a conducive learning environment for all students, district leader can apply various plans that will ensure that all of them can achieve the most out of their learning. This means the that a district leader will need to have a good understanding of the stakeholders of education in a certain environment in that they will understand the needs of all of them and come up with ways to address them specifically. In order to optimize the learning environment in a district, a leader will need to understand the norms of the people he or she is leaders so that to get the understanding of why people behave in certain ways while they are in the environment. This will ensure that the leader will be able to introduce a plan that will maximize on the various ways those stakeholders have been doing their own things. In order to optimize the learning environment, a district leader will need to understand the organizational structure of the learning institution he or she leads to come up with a plan through which he or she can make communication. The understanding of the organizational structure will ensure that a district leader will be able plan of the best way to ensure that information flows in efficient ways that will ensure that there are no delays and the target gets it with ease (Passino, 2004). To achieve the goal of creating and sustaining an optimal learning environment, there are different things that a district leader will need to carry out the necessary program evaluation to determine them that are productive and others that may not be necessary. The evaluation will eliminate the unproductive program and optimize on those that give little results and ensure that they improve on the processes that are necessary in implementation of learning. The process of program evaluation will need to be carried out regularly to track on the progress of the programs that are introduced at different times in the course of evaluation and change. This will ensure that all the programs are able to optimize on the available resources that will ensure that minimum losses are made and that all that is invested resources produce the best at such conditions (Doyle, 2008). In the process of optimizing the learning environment, there are different principle and models through which leaders achieve the process of enhancing learning in a district. These models target to maximize the resources by providing a good platform for participation of all stakeholders as well as ensuring a good control of conditions of that they implement to have the students benefit. One of the models through which a district leader can use to optimize on the learning environment is the action research model whereby the he or she seeks to obtain empirical data that can be used to inform the various things that happen in the organization. Through the action resear ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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