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Organization Learning and Development in Business Environment - Essay Example

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This paper "Organization Learning and Development in Business Environment" focuses on the fact that in modern times the environment in which business organizations operate has been changing rapidly and we may consider globalization as one of the contributory factors.  …
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Organization Learning and Development in Business Environment
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Download file to see previous pages Organizational learning is the process involving the detection of changes required in an organization to be more effective in a changing environment and taking the necessary steps to ensure that the changes are affected. Organizational learning involves the creation of a culture within the organization, wherein learning is an integral functional constituent in all its activities. There are four vital parts to organizational learning. These are the acquisition of knowledge, distribution of information, interpretation of information, and organizational memory. Knowledge exists in the processes and is embodied in the people, who make up the organization. Learning skills are also in abundance in an organization. However, it is the managerial practices and the creation of the underlying value for knowledge that enables the processes of organisational learning to become a part of the daily functioning of the organization. Organisational learning requires the creation and control of the external as well as the internal knowledge for the purposes of use in the present circumstances and also use in the future. An examination of organizational learning makes it clear that there are four aspects to each, with each of these aspects being an operational expression of the underlying value of the organization, which is strongly supported by managerial action demonstrated through procedures and incentives. The first aspect of organizational learning is the ability to identify problems in current activities and resolve them. The second aspect is the integration of internal knowledge for utilisation in the functions and projects of the organisation. The third is the use of innovation and experimentation as investments for the future and finally the integration of all the external knowledge flows
There are two ways in which an organization can encourage learning within an organization. The first is through the fostering of individual learning.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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