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Organizational Learning and Environmental Change - Essay Example

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The present essay entitled "Organizational Learning and Environmental Change" deals with the necessity of learning in terms of environmental change. Admittedly, organizations in today’s world of global opportunities are faced with survival challenges…
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Organizational Learning and Environmental Change
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Download file to see previous pages Still, most of this is still commandeered by human intelligence however, networked computing is able to reap efficiency and outputs undreamt off earlier.Often new concepts are ignored till the time they translate into a competitive disadvantage. This paper examines the various approaches to learning which an organization can adopt so that learning challenges in the environment are not only recognized right in time but also ingrained into the operations of the organization and reflect in employees’ learning to derive competitive advantage. This paper examines the relevance of the Revans formula which emphasizes the importance of keeping pace in the learning process.
All organizations can be viewed as offering some kind of solution to the problems of their stakeholders in the widest and deepest marketing sense. An essential blueprint for the organizational survival is derived from the writing of Revans(1980,1982). Revans(1980) posited that in order for an organization to succeed the learning(L) within an organization must be greater than or equal to the rate of change(C)in the environment (L ≥ C). This is called the Raven formula. This concept maintains that organizations must become learning organizations if they are to survive the changes in the external environment that affect the business and its operations. Revans recommended action learning to essentially mean removing the gap between ideas and actions, between thinking and doing, action and learning as parts of each other. Revans coined the phrase,” “helping each other to help the helpless”.Revans philosophy is based on three concepts of honesty about self, all knowledge ought to be action-oriented and most action should lead to camaraderie. An immediate example can prove Revans theory in relation to stakeholders of any organization. The organization like airlines –offering the services of air travel-were faced with a new and emerging niche of customers who were upwardly mobile professionals with high spending powers in the early 1990s. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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