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Strategic Organizational Diagnosis and Design - Case Study Example

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The case study "Strategic Organizational Diagnosis and Design" states that organizational diagnostic models are used in the research to analyze organizational performance. According to Alderfer (1981), organizational diagnosis is a process based on behavioral science theory entering a human system…
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Strategic Organizational Diagnosis and Design
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Extract of sample "Strategic Organizational Diagnosis and Design"

Download file to see previous pages The models presented in the given work help to investigate the external and internal factors affecting the organization and help to evaluate itself and prepare according to the demands of the environment (Falletta, 2005). There are several theories explaining the organizational diagnosis:
This model investigates whether the company’s inputs align with the company objectives (Leadersphere, 2008). Every organization has objectives that help them achieve their vision and mission and therefore this model is used to assess the progress of the organization. Variations in the variables often result in notable changes.
This model does not put into consideration the environmental effects on the organization’s effectiveness and operations. Even though there might be some negative effects from the external environment, this model has limitations to it and does not consider its effects.
This model identifies the degree to which the needs, objectives, and structures of one part of an organization are congruent to the needs, objectives, and structures of another part (Leadersphere, 2008). This model is only useful in making sure that these needs, objectives, and structures are harmonious with another part.
This model is used to investigate the internal and external factors influencing the organization and also how the factors interact (Martins & Coetezee, 2009). Moreover, the model does not have a limit to the external environment since it analyzes both internal and external factors on how they affect the organization and also how they interact. This model helps the organization evaluate itself based on both factors which improve its performance.
According to Burton (2006), this model analyzes how variations occur in variables. Its analysis is based on organizational structure and human resources. This determines how human resources and organizational structure are used to bring out the best. Human resources are applied in an organization according to the organizational structure in order to produce excellently according to one's skills, experience, and knowledge.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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