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Case: Introduction to Open Systems Theory - Essay Example

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INDUSTRIAL SERVICES OF AMERICA INC. ORGANIZATIONAL DIAGNSOITC Name Institution Organizational development diagnosis (OD) is vital in assessing an organization’s level of performance in order to appropriately design the necessary interventions for change…
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Case: Introduction to Open Systems Theory
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Download file to see previous pages Competitive organizations face challenges that present the need for responding with solutions to solve the present and future challenges (Hill & Jones, 2009). Organization diagnosis provides the best opportunity for identifying those challenges and coming up with the appropriate solutions. Diagnosis is carried out using an organizational model. An organizational model is a straightforward simulation of a firm (organization) which helps to understand the firm more clearly. This is beneficial in enhancing the understanding of organizational behavior, categorizing data in an organization, interpreting data in an organization and providing a common, and shorthand language (Hill & Jones, 2009). One of the OD models is the force field analysis developed by Kurt Lewin in 1952. A simulation of the model helps to determine the driving forces, as well as the restraining forces within an organization. The strength of this model is that it is simple to interpret and understand. It also shows the interconnection of an organization forces with its environment. The model is suitable for analyzing small organizations. Restraining forces, such as low employee motivation, are barriers to change within an organization. On the contrary, driving forces are considered those factors that push for change within an organization. ...
Levitt developed Leavitt’s model in 1965. The model is simpler compared to field analysis forces. The model uses the concept of specific variables rather than driving forces. The variables include; structure, technological and human variables. The variables are interconnected; such that, change in one of the variables induces a change in the rest of the variables. The good thing with the model is that, the ultimate goal is to affect the task variable (positive production of goods and services). The model, therefore, is suitable for organizations with issues in their products and service. The major drawback in this mode is that it allows for making of casual statements regarding the four variables. No explicit conclusion could be drawn by using this model. The model does not factor in the function of the external environment in leading to a change in the other variables. In 1967, Likert came up with a model that addresses organization dimensions such as motivation, communication, interaction and decision-making, goal setting, control and performance. Likert devised a 43-item survey that had questions closely related to the dimensions of the organization. The good with this model is that it can be used to determine employees’ perception of the organization dimension in the organization. Likert provided a customized scale label for each question stem. The major weakness in Likert model is that it does not demonstrate the interconnection of the organizational dimensions with the environment (Falletta, 2008). All the three models discussed above do not explicitly show the interconnection between organizational variables with the environment. The models ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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