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The Design of the Supply Chain of Roche Pharmaceuticals - Case Study Example

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The paper “The Design of the Supply Chain of Roche Pharmaceuticals” seeks to evaluate a global organization focusing on research of various drugs, diagnostics, healthcare, treatment and beyond. The company’s healthcare services are one of a kind. For Roche, illnesses can be detected and prevented…
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The Design of the Supply Chain of Roche Pharmaceuticals
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Download file to see previous pages The company’s financial standing improved considerably in 1996 with sales rising up to CHF16 billion; CHF10.46 billion came from pharmaceutical sales. By that time, Roche had already more than 50,000 employees, all focused on the four departments, with 6,000 assigned to R&D. Research and Development is its primary strategy that has enabled this organization to soar to greater heights. (Boutellier et al. 307) The company saw the light of dawn in 1896 when Fritz Hoffmann-La Roche founded the company for the primary purpose of selling drugs important for common illnesses and for sicknesses not seemed curable at that time. Roche’s guiding principle was to manufacture quality drugs for various illnesses and sell them throughout many parts of the world. (Roche Global Website) Their production plant was first started in Germany but then Roche and his new partner realized they had to expand internationally. They did this initially in Europe then established subsidiaries in the United States. The company encountered financial difficulties because of the war and the revolution. Roche overcame those challenges and soon started to renew major operations. Roche has a group holding named Roche Holding Ltd. Its operations extend up to 150 countries. It holds alliances with partners for research and development and other areas of interest in the field of health care and pharmaceuticals. Roche acquired companies like BioVeris Corp., a company also involved diagnostics. This move helped Roche to hold a competitive edge in the immunochemistry segment. Chapter 2 Sources of Information and Methodology Methodology consisted of a review of the literature from the vast sources of books, journals, databases, and other online sources. There is a considerable amount of information that can be gathered from books. Roche Pharmaceuticals has been the subject of studies and researches by various authors and experts in the field. Their researches and stories, on how Roche made its humble beginnings and how it has survived through the rough and tumble ways of business in the pharmaceuticals, have been a fascinating source of information for this paper. The books and journals are analyzed and the information on Roche Pharmaceuticals is compared to the existing knowledge about operations management. It can be theorized here that Roche Pharmaceuticals has utilized knowledge management and organizational knowledge from its vast experiences as the number one pharmaceutical in the world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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