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Project assignment (Business Analysis and Process Consulting) - Essay Example

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It had started off as an office window cleaner and has expanded its scope of services into specialized cleaning, security services and gardening activities. The…
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Project assignment (Business Analysis and Process Consulting)
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Download file to see previous pages Products and practices that can be incorporated for the expansion of service offerings as well as reduction of impact on the environment by Foresbys include that of introducing home cleaning services, waste management services, recycling services and security service for homes as well as offices (Checkland & Poulter, 2006).
Waste management and recycling businesses share synergy with cleaning services because waste, that is produced and eliminated in a process of cleaning, needs to be disposed properly. Also, such waste management is required by each one of the client, who employ cleaning services invariably. Hence, there appears to be some definite synergy between the business and the proposed issue of change.
Once the contract for cleaning was secured, the company sent their cleaning agents to the said location for performing their tasks within specified time frame. The cleaning agents were qualified officials who had the requisite training in safe and efficient cleaning of office premises and were also trained for specialized cleaning. To improve upon the existing distribution and operations structure, Foresbys can form specialized teams who were capable of handling specific jobs, rather than multiple cleaning activities at once. This would not only instil efficiency at specific work, but also increase the speed of cleaning tasks undertaken by the company (Checkland, 2000).
The customers shall pay for proper disposal of their waste material and company can also charge them with a premium price for using environment friendly and safe products while performing cleaning activities. Customers are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment and shall be willing to pay additional prices for the environmental cause. Furthermore, it would provide the company with a sustainability edge over other cleaning businesses in the country. Socially responsible company behaviour ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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