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Personal assessment - Essay Example

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Although he is always up for criticism and happily accepts both positive and negative feedback, but he misinterprets some of the feedback given to him causing him discomfort in decision…
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Personal assessment
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Extract of sample "Personal assessment"

[Supervisor Personal Assessment of Management Skills (Associates Version) Following is a of assessment of my colleague’s abilities and skills on the basis of scores I have given to each set of statements in light of his personality:
As far as the self knowledge of my colleague is concerned I slightly disagree to this. Although he is always up for criticism and happily accepts both positive and negative feedback, but he misinterprets some of the feedback given to him causing him discomfort in decision making.
When faced with stressful or time pressured situations, he keeps track of time and normally completes his task before deadline. He, however, fails to identify what is important from what is not. He likes to keep himself fit and is very health conscious.
I slightly agree with his abilities to face a typical, routine problem. Though he sometimes fails to identify a problem, he has always more than 1 solution for it. He goes step by step when faced with a problem. When faced with a complex or a difficult problem that does not have an easy solution
He lacks the vision to define a problem in more than just one way saying all this he comes with the most creative ideas when solving these complex problems.
When trying to foster more creativity and innovation among those with whom he works, he is very supportive and appreciates ideas coming out of people. He knows how to motivate people to get the best out of them. Therefore I agree with his abilities in this respect.
As far as his abilities related to counseling is concerned I slightly agree with his abilities. While giving a feedback he tends to avoid being personal with others and focuses more on the problem.
In a situation where it is important to obtain more power , my colleague keeps himself involved in events and activities. He tries to improve himself and tries to think out of the box in order in order to generate creative ideas. He refuses to come under anyone’s influence and does not agree to other people’s terms.
When someone needs to be motivated, he does not believe in rewarding people, though he is always there to help them out. He takes charge of the situation when productivity is insufficient. He does compliment those who deserve it.
When he sees someone doing something that needs correcting, he is not one of those who sit back after giving their views. He is always encouraging people to challenge his perspective and ask him questions.
I slightly disagree with the fact that he cannot take the criticism into account in situations when someone complains about something he has done. In fact, he asks the other person to adjust his behavior.
When two people are in conflict and he is the mediator, I agree that he is able to negotiate such issues. He cleverly tackles this kind of a situation and helps the two groups reach to an agreement.
I slightly disagree with his consistency in giving feedbacks in situations where he has an opportunity to empower others. He could do much better in providing people with information they need.
I slightly agree that he is very specific about the work he wants while delegating work to others, but does not keep a close check.
I disagree with his ability to influence his team members, when he is in the role of a leader in a team. But is clear about what his team can achieve.
He is not a very compromising team member. The relationship he shares with other members is not strong enough. Therefore, I disagree with his role as an effective team member.
With respect to situation in which he desires to make my team perform well, regardless of whether he is a leader or member, I disagree slightly with his competence in doing so. He does not encourage his team enough to make some serious innovation and achieve the best possible results.
With regard to his ability to lead change, I disagree with his abilities, because when he is leading change he does not keep any track of things that go wrong. It would be a lot better if he was more responsible (Robbins).
Work Cited
Robbins, Stephen. Self-Assessment Library. New Jersey: Pearson Education, 2009. Read More
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Personal Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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