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Construction Dispute Boards - Essay Example

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A dispute board otherwise known as a dispute adjudication board is a job site review arrangement formed to handle potential conflict and offer solutions. The rationale of the formation such an arrangement before project commencement is the common disputes that arise from…
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Construction Dispute Boards
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Extract of sample "Construction Dispute Boards"

Download file to see previous pages that, an examination of traditional alternatives to the construction dispute boards will be highlighted before giving a comparative analysis of the two.
Each construction project is distinct and unique from the other in its own right. This is because employers or project owners seek for customized services. Because of potential disputes that are bound to arise, each party nominates one impartial and independent person to form the dispute resolution board. Thereafter, the two nominated parties nominate a chairman with similar qualities to regulate the dispute board. The fundamental obligation of each member of the board is to get independent and original facts from the sites by regular visits and resolve the matter amicably. Through this, verdicts are easier to determine whenever conflicts or issues arise from the situation according to Donald (2009, p1). In unison, the board provides regular communication to their clients when there is a potential area of conflict that they detect. This effort is aim at resolving disputes before they arise and take negative directions. The composition of a dispute board may determine whether the board takes the name of a Dispute Resolution Board (DRB) or Dispute Adjudication Board. The former name is strictly meant to give resolutions and a way forward and the latter provides adjudication positions. The following segments will look at the compositions of the DRBs.
In most cases, the members of the DR boards do not exceed five. Unless the project is very large or too controversial such as the Hong Kong Airport project where seven members were used, three members are often the optimum figure. An odd number is chosen because of a need of a majority vote when a controversial standoff may have arisen. For a person to be named as a member, there are four qualities that they must posses and demonstrate.
They must have an in depth knowledge with relevant design and construction issues. This means that they must understand areas where ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Construction Dispute Boards Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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