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Non-Employment Conflict Management - Essay Example

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This paper "Non-Employment Conflict Management" explains how the selected alternative dispute resolution techniques will mitigate the risks presented to the company by the non-organizational conflicts. The alternative dispute resolution techniques form an alternative solution to litigation…
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Non-Employment Conflict Management
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Extract of sample "Non-Employment Conflict Management"

Download file to see previous pages Constructing a dam entails the preliminary flooding for the formation of the reservoir and additional structures for instance: floodgates check dams and spillway, in the proximity of the original dam (Bartle, 2004). These constructions negatively influence the hydrology of the rivers and the movement pattern of fish by generating obstacles to their normal movement. This leads to decline in biodiversity and stocks of the fish population due to the modification of downstream and upstream of the aquatic environment. It also affects the fish species and a raise in the catch endeavour due to huge areas of arid periodical open water. In addition, the building of the dam may cause the crumple of fisheries owing to the loss of the floodplain habitation (Guariso and Werthner, 1989).
Secondly, building of dams affects the livelihood of the communities found in the area where they are being constructed. Most of the indigenous communities’ practice farming and flooding reduce the land under agriculture. It also leads to the loss of wood gathering and fishing as a source of livelihood. In addition, it amplifies pressure on communal resources shared by pastoralists and farmers. For pastoralists, it leads to reduction in riverbank pasture while for fish farmers and fishermen; it leads to reduction in fish stocks and fisheries. This causes the decline in the economic value in the wetland that is higher compared to after the dam is put in place.
Thirdly, there is loss of natural resources present in the ecosystem. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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