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Various Things that Can Be in Order for Nations to Live in Peace - Case Study Example

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The following paper entitled 'Various Things that Can Be in Order for Nations to Live in Peace' presents some of the questions that come up when the topic of peace is. Peace is a nonwarring, normal condition of a state, group of the nation or the world…
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Various Things that Can Be in Order for Nations to Live in Peace
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Extract of sample "Various Things that Can Be in Order for Nations to Live in Peace"

Download file to see previous pages Peace may also suggest the existence of the healthy or newly healed international and interpersonal relationships, sincere attempts for reconciliation and prosperity in matters of economic or social welfare as well as working political order and establishment of equality that serves the real interests of all. Peace can only be achieved by ensuring that all cases of violence are critical. The paper will discuss the various things that can be in order for nations to live in peace.
The nature of conflicts has changed significantly in the past two decades. The state of conflicts has evolved from nations fighting each other to various forms of conflicts and violence that incorporate non-state actors such as organized crimes, gangs, and rebels as well as armies fighting for separation, independence and political control. Cases of conflicts have existed in almost all continents in the world and have led many losses of lives. Unlike the cold war that existed in the last century, current forms of violence often have no clear military, ideological or political objectives (Burton, 282).
These types of conflicts are not easily solved or addressed with traditional instruments such as military and diplomacy means. The drivers of violence often include a broad range of factors including social, political, environmental and political issues. They can include joblessness, management of natural resources, political exclusion and corruption, human rights abuse, inequalities, and injustices. On many occasions, it is often challenging to define a precise cause and the roles of various factors that are interrelated and may end up leading to violence. Addressing the different types of conflicts requires a multidimensional approach that spans the development of security, justice and political area (Burton, 284). Solved conflicts will result in a peaceful nation and peace can only be achieved when all forms of conflicts have been prevented. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Various Things that Can Be in Order for Nations to Live in Peace Case Study.
(Various Things That Can Be in Order for Nations to Live in Peace Case Study)
Various Things That Can Be in Order for Nations to Live in Peace Case Study.
“Various Things That Can Be in Order for Nations to Live in Peace Case Study”.
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