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How far can acts of violence and coercion be attributed to beliefs and ideologies Discuss with reference to Block 6 and one oth - Essay Example

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Violence and coercion Institutional Affiliation: Introduction Violence refers to the intended use of physical power against an individual or a group. Violence usually results to injury or at times death. It can also result to maldevelopment and psychological harm…
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How far can acts of violence and coercion be attributed to beliefs and ideologies Discuss with reference to Block 6 and one oth
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How far can acts of violence and coercion be attributed to beliefs and ideologies Discuss with reference to Block 6 and one oth

Download file to see previous pages... In many parts of the globe today, there are places where violence is experienced. Violence however, can be prevented through various ways. Evidence shows that there are various implementations that can help do away with violence in the society. Among these implementations are: Developing good relationships between parents and children Education on how to prevent maltreatment Practicing gender equality Having programs in schools that address gender issues and attitudes Reducing the availability of alcohol since the effects are known to be negative to the users Supporting the economic empowerment to avoid misunderstandings among individuals. These are some of the strategies that can be implemented to make certain that violence is done away with. Coercion on the other hand, refers to the use of forceful activity to make an individual or a group of people take to take part in something in a manner which is involuntary. This means it is a situation where individuals are forced to undertake some activities without their will. Coercion can be in action or inaction through the use of intimidation and threats and some other forces of pressure. This is therefore an act that violates the free will of individuals because they take part in activities when they do not want to. Coercion generally includes blackmail, extortion and torture among other forceful-natured actions. It is an act forcing individuals to act against their own interests resulting to cooperation by the individuals being coerced. In this case, they have to cooperate because there are consequences faced by those who are not willing to do so. To avoid these consequences, they end up obeying all the rules and regulations they are given making sure that they do what is expected of them. This essay seeks to explain the degree to which the acts of violence and coercion can be attributed to beliefs and ideologies. The two issues that will be discussed in this essay are Religion and economy. These are some of the issues that have been influencing how people live with each other for a long time now all over the world. This gives a clear impression that they are sensitive issues and affect the lives of people. They have direct impacts on lives of people because practices therein are undertaken in day-today life. They are among those factors that contribute to differences and the ways in which people associate with each other. This essay will therefore cover Europe as a region in the world to see how these two issues had influence on humans and to what degree they can be attributed to beliefs and ideologies. Looking at the first issue of religion, it is clear that individuals were ordered on what to believe in and how they were to carry out their worship. The nature of the teachings in churches would not change rapidly because there was a specific thing that was supposed to be taught. Following the rules and regulations, it was quite hard for the church leaders to teach what they chose to because they could not do it. Attending the communion was a compulsory thing which mans individuals had no choice but to do what they were told. The fact that individuals were forced to worship in some way following rules and regulations they were not willing to, made them have issues with their leaders and at times engaged in violent activities. These leaders practiced coercion out of beliefs that there are some things that were not supposed to be practiced in churches (Wallace, 2004, 48). They came up with the idea that they should control ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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