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Study skills - Essay Example

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These councils, on the other hand, are managed by a mayor. The mayor, therefore, is the overall decision maker with regards to policies that are made to govern these cities. The city of London, for…
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Study skills
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Download file to see previous pages In the backdrop of this, we shall take an in-depth view of some the policies that Mayor Johnson has proposed for the City of London, in particular those that address environmental concerns. Additionally, we shall review the powers and responsibilities of the Greater London Authority and the Mayor of London so that we may understand their scope in administrative matters. A thorough scrutiny of some of polices stipulated by the mayor shall also be reviewed in this essay.
One of the main responsibilities of Mayor Johnson is to promote economic development and creation of wealth. Being the executive of the strategic authority of London, the mayor is mandated to ensure that there are avenues for job creation and a good atmosphere for doing business. Availability of jobs and the abundance of business opportunities open up room for economic development in the city.
The mayor is also mandated to create policies and strategic plans to address transportation, development and planning, environmental issues, health, economic development, culture and housing issues. With the aid of bodies mandated to carry out specific functions, such as Transport for London, the mayor is able to implement these policies.
Appointment of board members of the different functional bodies such as London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority is often done by the mayor. These bodies have specific roles that address different development issues, such as crime and transportation. In addition to this, he can appoint a chair to these boards or chair the boards himself, like he has done with the Metropolitan Police Authority and the Transport of London (Beatley, 2012).
As the executive, the mayor sets out annual budgets for funding services in London. This is often done by funding bodies that provide such services. These include; Transport for London, Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA), London Development Agency (LDA), ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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