GLA (Greater London Authority) and MAYOR - Essay Example

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GLA stands for an abbreviation of Greater London Authority which is a top most administrative body of Greater London England. According to norms of regulations, Mayor is elected through a local referendum within assembly which possesses a right to regulate certain regional sectors like transport, economic development, policing and fire and emergency planning…
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GLA (Greater London Authority) and MAYOR
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Download file to see previous pages The purpose for electing a mayor is to represent London through one person who is responsible for all its development, strategic planning and peace discipline. Boris Johnson is the present mayor of London holding an authority according to Greater London Authority act 1999 and 2007.( GLA Report, 2009)
Greater London authority is funded by the central government and local council taxes to carry out their desired plans. GLA itself does not work on any project, whereas holds an umbrella under which four major functional bodies work on the directed plans released by mayor. These four departments are the functional bodies which are: Transport for London. Metropolitan Police Authority. London Development Authority. London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority. GLA is responsible to communicate with internal bodies and London Borough councils are legally bound to follow strategic plans and if not, than Mayor has the right to decline the decisions that are not in interest of London or its public made by London Borough GLA claims to be a successful practitioner in regard to their planned strategies in terms of providing a quality life to all Londoners. Keeping the developments made by GLA in London, Government proposed a plan in over handing more powers and responsibilities to Mayor to work with better framework of all sectors including all the remaining sectors which were not under Mayor Authority previously like housing, skills and education, environment, waste management, and planning. This proposal was released on 30th November 2005 after reviewing all the achievements made through proper strategic planning and implementations. Some of the successful plans carried out to maintain the competition with the rest of the progressing cites in the world. London is a financial hub which makes a major contribution in the economy of United Kingdom. To meet the unique challenges, Mayor designed strategies to maintain the efficiency of Londoners involving minorities with a clear layout of Capital investment projects. Some of the successes Mayor achieve during his rule show an investment of 10 billion pounds on transport development project, security measures were improved by increasing the number of police around 8000, a joint venture with government of childcare program was introduced, the most complimenting achievement was the selection of London for hosting Olympic Games of 2012. Thus Mayor and GLA progressed towards bright prospects of London and therefore, GLA in support of Mayor accepted some ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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