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Strategic Planning for Regional Development - Case Study Example

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The case study under the title "Strategic Planning for Regional Development" demonstrates the Great London Authority and Mayor’s Environmental Policies. London is one of the most successful cities in the world in terms of competition and economic productivity…
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Strategic Planning for Regional Development
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Extract of sample "Strategic Planning for Regional Development"

Download file to see previous pages It is stated that the body of the Greater London Authority consists of the mayor, directly elected by members, 25 members, who carry out inspection duties, and staff consisting of about 700 persons (Greater London Authority, 2010). GLA draws its powers from two main acts: the Greater London Authority Acts, 1999 and 2007. GLA enjoys jurisdiction in areas such as policing, fire planning, environment, economic development, emergency, and transport. In order for the body to carry out its duties effectively, it was thought wise to institute four bodies to assist in the management of the aforementioned services. These bodies include the London Fire and Emergency planning authority, Metropolitan Police Authority, London Development Agency and Transport for London (Greater London Authority 2010). The UK government funds GLA although some of its financial resources are received from direct taxes collected from the area. Responsibilities of the Greater London Authority In order to assure the welfare of its residents are prioritized, the UK government gave GLA, under the leadership of the mayor, certain responsibilities to make sure everything is done in accordance with the laid down rules for the betterment of London. In this regard, GLA has strategic administration responsibilities for the whole of London city. To ensure this is done, it is responsible for the coordination of the local authorities of Greater London. GLA shares the same powers as the City of London Corporation and the 32 London Boroughs Councils (Greater London Authority, 2010).  The mayor, on the other hand, was given powers to formulate and influence policies for the Greater London city. The mayor as the chairperson is charged with the responsibility of establishing the strategic direction for London through the formulation of strategies for the city.  
The second responsibility is that as the mayor of the city, he is responsible for the preparation of the budgets, which are presented to the congress for debate and possible adoption. Thirdly, he is given powers to make appointments to bodies under his leadership as well as pan-London bodies. Finally, the Mayor of London is responsible for representing London city both internationally and at home, especially in matters pertaining to the city (Greater London Authority, 2010). Recent Environmental Policies and Strategies Introduced The Mayor of London notes that London seeks to be among the leading cities in the world in terms of environmental management and conservation. He notes that for this to be achieved, a bold step must be taken towards reducing pollution, consuming fewer resources, dealing with issues of climate change, and decreasing the level of carbon. Achieving this dream is not easy when people just talk about them but fail to implement it. As such, the mayor came up with several strategies to be instituted in London in respect of the environment. The first proposal pertains to the lowering of air pollution in London. Dow (2009, p.12-28) notes that over 70% of the global energy is consumed by large towns, resulting in about 80% of greenhouse gas emissions. London is among the cities of the world with a high level of greenhouse gas emissions and the greatest emitter of greenhouse gases in the UK – about 80%, which is approximated at about 44 million tons of carbon dioxide. Environmentalists argue that these emissions are likely to increase in London, considering that the town has been witnessing high population growth and economic development. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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