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Ad Analysis - Essay Example

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The two advertisements depict two women artists, Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson, marketing a fragrance and a beer respectively. By analyzing the two posters, it may be understood that the…
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Ad Analysis
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Extract of sample "Ad Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages that I have selected is an ad depicting the poster for a new fragrance in the market that is called ‘Fantasy Twist’ launched by the famous artist Britney Spears. The unique thing about this fragrance is that it states it is 2 fragrances in 1 meaning that the perfume offers two different scents in the same bottle. The ad also shows two images of Britney Spears – in order to create two different perceptions or uses of the perfume, making it appealing to a larger number of people. By this I mean that the ad shows Britney in two different forms – the photo on top is in silver indicating the use of the perfume by day and the photo at the bottom shows her in black, indicating the use of the perfume at night. At first glance, the perfume looks very interesting because it offers something new and not many perfumes have two fragrances in them. This advertisement displays the aspect of womanhood at its best, with a unique fragrance that at its first glance appeals to the minds of the public however looks ordinary after carefully examining and understanding the use of the product.
It must however be understood that since the model in the ad is Britney Spears, an artist who emphasizes the notion of feminism, the fragrance and the ad will only appeal to women and not men, for the purpose of purchase. Nonetheless, her photo looks very seductive so as to attract male attention to view the ad, which is the general perception upon looking at the photo from a man’s point of view. I have selected this advertisement because it is about a product that most people use – perfumes. Moreover, products that are endorsed by celebrities or launched as a part of their fashion lines tend to sell more in the industry just because of the brand value. Even if the product may not be good, the public tends to buy it anyway because of the goodwill attached to the celebrity that appeals to the minds of the consumers. Thus, as opposed to an ordinary perfume produced by a company, I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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