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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: “Hold it against me,” By Britney Spears. “Hold it against me” is a song sung by Britney Spears from her album, Femme Fatale. Max Martin, Bill board and Dr. Luke were the writers and producers of the song. In the song Britney spears seems to be seducing someone…
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Hold it Against Me by Britney Spears
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“Hold it against me,” By Britney Spears. “Hold it against me” is a song sung by Britney Spears from her album, FemmeFatale. Max Martin, Bill board and Dr. Luke were the writers and producers of the song. In the song Britney spears seems to be seducing someone. This paper will discuss the song by identifying the genre, the criteria used to classify the song under the genre the instrumentation used in the song and described whether or not, digitally- generated effect is at work in the music. Music genre is a definite or absolute design that relates sound of certain music, to a given kind of music that can be differentiated from other kind of music. Britney Spear’s song, “Hold it against me,” falls under the electronic pop music genre. It falls under this genre since it meets the criteria for an electronic pop song. There is the use of a synthesizer. The sound of bass is what is mostly heard in the song, it seems to be connected to a loudspeaker. Through the synthesizer, different number of sounds is produced. There is electronic effect in the song. Electronic music contains entails many different genres. In Britney’s song, “Hold it against me,” there is a combination of a couple of genres to make it qualify as an electronic pop song. For example, there is the use of drum, dub step and also bass. Pop music originated from the word “popular.” It is mostly considered to be liked by youths. The songs are usually short and not complicated, just simple and use technology to create a difference in earlier themes. There are different kinds of pop music according to different regions. Presence of delay effect is also evidenced. As Britney sings, she does not utter the words at ones, she hold the back as if to prolong them. This is a criterion for an electronic pop song. She says the words bit by bit. This also qualifies the song as an electronic pop song. The kind of instrumentation used on the song is drums, guitar which are electric. The bass seems to be overpowering the other instruments. The synthesizer is one of the instruments used in the song. It is an electric piano that represents most of the instruments needed in the band. This includes the guitar, the drum and the bass. A machine known as thumping drum is also used. T he instruments are made to appear electronic. The commonly used instruments in pop music are rhythm guitar, local vocals, bass guitar, keyboard and drums. In the song, Britney Spears calls out to someone she has noticed and she asks for forgiveness incase she appeared too straight forward. She flirts with the person asking him to come closer so that she can whisper something in his ears. She talks frankly and makes her feelings known that she wants the body of then person she is flirting with and asks whether he would take offence in her request. Britney demands that the person to give into her request since she does not intend to wait any longer. There are a couple of beats in the song but the bass is more audible than the other instruments. There is the sound of the bass, which is very clear, and the drum is heard, not so clearly, in the back ground. Waves also seem to be appearing in the song as a form of sound. But mostly, the sound that is more evident is that of the bas. The sound is somewhat constant, the alterations in the sound is not much. Music has its importance. It stirs appreciation in someone. Through one discovering their talent in pop song, it builds confidence in one’s ability. It leads to one appreciating the world more since through music, one is able to understand other people’s culture and even relate with it. Pop songs leads to one feeling happy and cheered up, especially if it is something or an activity that one really enjoys doing without being used. Through pop songs a person can be able to understand different people’s emotions. Pop songs can also requires aggressiveness thus it can lead to a person being so aggressive’ It can also lead to depression if one feels they are not performing to their full potential or ability. If one is in a band of pop musicians if could also lead to disagreements and misunderstandings among the band members. Conclusion It can be concluded that the song, “Hold it against me” by Britney Spears is of the electronic pop genre. I t meets the criteria for the pop genre. Presence of delay effect is one of the evidence. As Britney sings, she does not utter the words at ones; she holds the back as if to prolong them. This is a criterion used for an electronic pop music. The kind of instrumentation used on the song is drums, guitar which are electric. Works Cited H, monica. "Britney spears new album." New york: Globel media press, 10 January 2011. Read More
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