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Britney Spears snapping under fame - Essay Example

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In this case, we shall emphasize on how communication theory relates her fall taking into consideration the tenets of the theory. While analyzing the artifact, media construction will be a…
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Britney Spears snapping under fame
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Extract of sample "Britney Spears snapping under fame"

Britney Spears snapping under fame Britney’s down fall attributes to various factors that relate media and technology. In this case, we shall emphasize on how communication theory relates her fall taking into consideration the tenets of the theory. While analyzing the artifact, media construction will be a crucial aspect to look at. Communication theory concentrates on the psychological influence of media to the public. Usually, the media such as television, radio and the internet convey information that influences the notions and perspectives of persons in the society (Tisdell, 2007). The information aired to the populace about a certain issue, for example, a political issue, or that in relation to fame will affect people in their perception and transform their thinking on certain issues. The downfall of Britney is not an exception from media influence. The theory assumes the human mind to be feeble than the media created by it. This leaves room for psychological effects on the material availed by the media. The internet in the recent years caused a considerable effect on how people relate with the media (Bayles, 2001). Communication theory relates media information to the psychology of individuals.
The pop celebrity, Britney spears experienced various challenges. She has undergone relationship issues leading her to file cases in court for divorce. She even once stayed in a rehabilitation facility for drug addicts due to her drug consuming habits. All these events were present in the media (Tisdell, 2007). From the internet, radio and television, one would find information about Spears relationship, divorce and drug scandals. All these issues about spears were in media thus created a different image about the celebrity. The media aim was to watch every move for Britney as it is the case with all celebrities. Her scandals and relationship issues were also in newspapers plus magazines. A stunning issue arose back in 2004 after a publication indicating engagement with Kevin Federline. Her several funs in the entire globe were in surprise (Bartolomeo, 2010).
The publicity became a critical issue, as it was famous to funs. Britney and her fiancé managed to theater a reality show on television characterizing the events culminating to their relationship. After marriage, Britney announced a break off from her career stating her interest in her family affairs (Bartolomeo, 2010). Britney’s shows were evident in the media including the show Dateline in which she expressed her views on the tabloid rumor about her. Britney encountered battles of legacy concerning the care of her offspring. He drug and alcoholic behavior left her in a rehab. All the issues concerning her down fall were present in the media (Bayles, 2001). Her collapse attributes to the information conveyed through media, which affected the psychology of persons.
Communication theory is significant in that it helps us understand how the media affected individual psychology on the issue concerning Britney’s downfall. Through the theory, we are able to associate her fall with the various events in her life including, marriage and divorce issues plus her indulgence in drugs. Through it, we are able to reveal the media construction of the artifact (Tisdell, 2007). The theory helps us to identify the unit of analyses hence we are capable of giving a proper analysis of the artifact based on the ideas presented in the theory.
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Bayles, M. (2001). The Perverse in the Popular. Wilson Quarterly, 25(3), 40.
Bartolomeo, J. (2010). Inside britneys life. People, 74(9), 90. Read More
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