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Conflict - Coursework Example

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Egoistical and fraternal deprivation is also the major factor that fans conflicts that will result to terrorism because of the disparities between groups…
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Extract of sample "Conflict"

Download file to see previous pages He loves Sri Lankan culture due to its multilingual, multi-religions and multicultural neighborhood.
Paranoia theory shows the intolerable internal feelings of the Tamil Tigers who have killed many innocent souls and exploited the children rights by using them as soldiers and there antics go unreported because of the fear of being assassinated. Religious fundamentalism, because of its ability to serve identity needs, and the feeling that globalization, secularization, and Westernization will erode the good social fabric of society leads to the conflict between the government and the Tamil Tigers. Murder are rampant because the terrorist consider those siding with the government as impediment to their course (Rubin,123).Though a cease fire has been declared by the government, the Tamil ruled area is reluctant to the move due to the distrust it has to the government. They doubt whether democracy will prevail in the region that was formerly in their control if the government seized power thus denying the people room to exercise their democratic rights.
The rational choice theory derives its meaning from economic and behavioral proclivity. It is evident in the policies set by the government and conflicting groups. Poverty and lack of education is the main reason for suicide attacks in the region. However, it is noted that every mortal man is bound to live in this world for a short time hence the need to co-exist peacefully with our neighbors. There should be no segregations basing on ethnicity, religion and political views. This is because every human being has the right for life (Bongar, 345).
Many suicide bombers are driven in their barbaric acts by the desperations that they undergo in life. Moreover, war and violence takes toll on the overall growth of generations. Many suicide missions are carried out by women a figure estimated at 30% in Sri Lanka. This is because of too much sadness they experience when they grow up they give their lives to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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