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Theories of Conflict Resolution - Assignment Example

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After World War II, a plethora of international organizations was established so as to ensure conflicts do not lead to war. Over the years, inter-governmental organizations (IGOs) and…
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Theories of Conflict Resolution
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Extract of sample "Theories of Conflict Resolution"

Download file to see previous pages When it comes to conflict resolution, the NGOs and IGOs have access to territories and theories that enable them to participate in eliminating and mitigating conflict. The conflict theories and intervention strategies used by NGOs and IGOs have significantly influenced world politics; thus resulting in negative implications in conflict resolution.
There are several theories that attempt to explain the causes of conflict in the society. These theories include the fundamentalist theory, the conflict theory and symbolic interaction theory. Each of these theories has their assumptions and ideologies regarding the cause of conflict in the society. For example, the conflict theory argues that conflict is as a result of a need in the society. Resultantly, individuals or groups in the society spur conflict so that the other party can meet their needs. This theory is different from the functionalist theory in that it acknowledges the societal change. Therefore, conflict is not undesirable but a necessary factor for change (Shepard 2012). Arguably, the functionalist theory assumes societies are complex and at the same time organized. According to the Functionalist theory, conflict arises when certain elements do not make a positive contribution to the society. (Shepard 2012). For example, if there are bureaucratic rules in the society that inhibit justice. Supporters of this theory argue that once the dysfunction is dealt with, the society often resumes to its original structure (Shepard 2012). The three theories are integral in examining how intergroup dysfunction can contribute to the emergence of conflict. Through the efforts of psychology, we are also able to comprehend how individual cognitive processes can contribute to the onset of a conflict, thus facilitating the adoption of effective conflict resolution strategies.
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