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Social Conflict and Cultural Conflict Theories - Research Paper Example

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This research paper describes conflicts, that are part of modern societies as well as theories on cultural and social types of conflicts. The researcher also focuses on examples of these theories that include social conflict theories and cultural conflict theories among others. …
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Social Conflict and Cultural Conflict Theories
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Extract of sample "Social Conflict and Cultural Conflict Theories"

Download file to see previous pages This research paper investigates conflicts in the society, as brought out by social conflict theory and cultural conflict theory that occur between and among groups. Firstly, the researcher focuses the social conflict theory that considers conflicts as a reflection of the struggle for ownership of material base. Secondly, cultural conflict theory is explored. It considers conflict as a manifestation of cultural or societal values and norms and the definition of deviance. However, the researcher mentiones that both of them assert that conflicts arise because of exploitation, power, authority, competition and inequality that are parts of human nature. As long as these issues exist, conflicts will always exist because of them. The similarities and differences in communication of groups and individuals as they communicate their interests, needs and frustrations were the main focuses of analysis of this research paper. In addition, it is stated that such behavior will always result to conflicts between people. This is because the diversity of cultural groups, social classes and the scarcity of resources will always bring a conflict of interest. In conclusion, the researcher of the paper suggests that where interests are alike, the scarcity of resources will always result to struggle that will cause conflicts among different cultural and social groups of people. Therefore, social conflict theory and cultural conflict theories are essential in the explanation of conflicts in the society. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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