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Difference Between Conflict Theories - Assignment Example

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The paper "Difference Between Conflict Theories" states that culture is one of the greatest determinants of what people view as the norm. The society has a created a culture from which everything has to be defined, examined and accepted as an art of the norms of that particular place…
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Difference Between Conflict Theories
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Extract of sample "Difference Between Conflict Theories"

Download file to see previous pages Marx and Simmel visualize this as a conflict that arises due to constant change and erosion within the society. The social distribution of power tilts the balance allowing some to be higher than the rest and making others subjects. According to this theory, there are general assumptions that human beings are essentially self-oriented and inclined to pursue their own interests at the expense of others. This means that there will be clashing ideologies that need to be synthesized and a compromise arrived at. As noted, these two theorems look at society from different angles. They both view the society as a source of values and customs but diverge in the area of analysis: structural theorists view it a source of cohesion while conflict theorists look at it as a source of conflict. 2-Explain the Idea of Dialectical Change by way of an Example. According to the dialecticians, any existing notion or thesis has an opposing notion or an anti-thesis. This means that every ideology in the world has an equal opposing factor that keeps it in check for equity to be achieved. This equity comes in the form of a compromise which is termed as synthesis. For instance, the best way to define this is by looking at society as a whole. The political class is always on the run for who is best and who is fit to lead the people whether as a senator or as a representative. The campaigning period is the most competitive of all with each trying to woo voters to their camps. They look for all ways through which they can eliminate their opponents by digging deep into the past and coming up with details that may taint their names and present them as unfit for public service. They create slogans that seek to motivate their supporters to shun the other camp. The compromise here is the fact that there are laws that govern this political theatrics and that the others have a chance to cast their votes and choose the very best that they perceive as their ultimate choice. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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