What is the difference between civic nationalism and ethnic nationalism Can the former exist without the latter - Essay Example

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It is also referred to as a devotion to the interests of one’s own country. Miscevic, Nenad (01 Jun 2010) described nationalism in two observable facts: first, it portrays…
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What is the difference between civic nationalism and ethnic nationalism Can the former exist without the latter
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Download file to see previous pages In terms of self-determination, it is referred to “as having full statehood with complete authority on domestic and internal affairs” Miscevic, Nenad (01 Jun 2010
Whereupon, we come into the two theories of nationalism: the civic nationalism and the ethnic nationalism. What makes them different from each other, and could it be rightly expressed that the former can exist without the other? I believe that although the two kinds of nationalism are different from each other; civic nationalism emanates from ethnic nationalism because the former is a heritage that existed during the times of our forefathers; and that civic nationalism has gathered its principles from the experience of ethnic nationalism. Kuzio, Taras (January 2002, pp. 20-39) supports my assertion that civic nationalism could not exist without ethnic nationalism. He believes that the country’s ethnicity and civic universalism “is dependent on the evolution of its history from ethnic to civic state and nationhood and the depth of democratic consolidation” (Kuzio, Taras). He concluded in his study that evolution from ethnic to civic states does not depend on geography but rather on the positive influence of international institutions, domestic democratic consolidation and civic institution building”. The West, he said has a long history of ethnic states, and that this factor makes its evolution also similar to the states in the East.
Drawn from the explanations of Nikolas 2001, ethnic nationalism has ideological bonds from the native history and its people. It is differentiated from civic nationalism because its nationhood is described by its customs and traditions, religion and language (Hill, Richard C. 2003). Accordingly, the ethnic nationalists believe that “it is not the state that creates the nation but the nation that creates the state”. What make them stay together are the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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