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Academic and Career Goals - Essay Example

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In order to successfully achieve this goal, I will first attain a degree as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). This is important to provide the basics and the experience I will require later on in order to achieve…
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Academic and Career Goals
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Download file to see previous pages I have a positive attitude towards my academic achievements and this is what I will use to help me attain my goal within the specified time frame. I will however need to adjust my schedule and dedicate more time to academic than before but I have hopes that my grad team will help me on that.
My career goal is based on my academic goal and it is to become a successful RN with my own private practice to help people with terminal illnesses enjoy and be comfortable in their last years of life. The motivation to do this is extrinsic and comes from my family members some of whom have terminal illnesses but cannot get the comfort and joy needed to overcome the illnesses and enjoy their last years due to lack of proper private practices set out particularly for such a tasks.
Seeing them receive only professional help where there is lack of love and social support is what drives me to want to achieve my set career goal and make a difference in the community of the people with terminal illnesses. The attitude I have which I will have acquired from experience as a LPN and academic achievement will help me sail through this tasking career goal smoothly. I believe I have no adjustments to make since I will have all I require to achieve my career goal once I complete my education.
The above grad team is my key to achieving my academic goal and finally to having a successful career goal and hence close contact and mutual relationship is very necessary. My admissions representative will come in handy when the time comes to make transition to RN from LPN without having to wait for several months for the application to go through since I am on a time schedule to attain the goal. This will also not be successful if my academic counselor does not constantly advise me and keep me in check on my academic work, upping my grades and putting more effort not only in class but also during my ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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