Why I Want to Transfer from College to University - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper contains the application essay of a student who wants to transfer from college to university is, therefore, informed by the education advancement pursuit. Business is his/her preferred field study, and this transfer is tailored towards enhancing the desire to major in Business.    …
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Why I Want to Transfer from College to University
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Admission Essay
My academic and career goals and objectives are vital driving forces in relation to my desired achievements in every aspect of my life. Education is fundamentally central to this pursuit, making it a number one priority in my personal undertakings. For this reason, advancing in education from one level to another is important for me. My desire to transfer from college to university is, therefore, informed by the education advancement pursuit. Business is my preferred field study, and this transfer is tailored towards enhancing my desire to major in Business.
Close to six years now, I have been in college pursuing my line of interest. The whole time has not been a walk in the park, but rather encompassed by numerous challenges emerging from almost every aspect of my life. Specifically, I have experienced numerous challenges before, some of which were hard hitting and whose impacts on my college education were far-reaching. However, meeting challenges is not reason for me to whine. Rather, it is through challenges that opportunities emerge.
My extensive college life was characterized by numerous problems, many of which emerged from the challenges I faced. These problems were primarily social and economic, and they, therefore, affected my life directly. Frustrations encompassed my education pursuit, especially due to persistent academic trials that I kept making. Amid instances of frustrations, my spirit, focus and desires remain vibrant, thus the drive to have the transfer. The transfer will provide me with an opportunity to remain focused and committed to academic excellence. This will further bring in business knowledge and skills, thereby strengthening my business foundation.
There are a number of objectives that I hope to achieve following a successful transfer. To start with, I hope that the new environment will provide diverse and dynamic learning programs that will complement my college education. The objective here is to gain further knowledge and skills that are business related, informed by university learning programs. I hope to exploit all resources available to build an education portfolio (Gleeson 125) that revolves around my academic and career interests. In other words, my education pursuit should be progressive following the transfer.
The transfer will give me a chance to effectively and efficiently manage my already successful business. I have been breeding and selling high end reptiles for the last five years, a business undertaking that is my sole passion. Earning not less than a six-figure income annually from my business, I hope that a university business program will equip me with vibrant and contemporary business concepts to manage, expand and diversify my business. Following this, I expect to be a more competitive business practitioner in both local and international contexts.
The transfer will mark a significant transition in my academic, social and economic pursuits. Like earlier mentioned, the transfer will place me in a new environment in terms of location and social surroundings. This will mark a new beginning for my academic and career pursuits. It does not mean that I will do away with my previously acquired academics, but it is rather a turning point towards a more improved academic, social and economic life. I promise that I will not place my studentship in jeopardy, and I will, therefore, be a better student in all aspects that define a student.
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