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Attaining Educational And Career Goals - Essay Example

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The author of the paper aims to describe his desire to attend the college and how education will influence his future career. The author states that the main purpose due to which he has decided to pursue college is to develop the knowledge and necessary skills to advance his career aims…
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Attaining Educational And Career Goals
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Extract of sample "Attaining Educational And Career Goals"

Attaining Educational And Career Goals The main purpose due to which I have decided to pursue college is to develop the knowledge, skills as well as the abilities that will help me in attaining and advancing my career aims. In terms of education I have the aim of becoming a high achiever. I have planned to attain good grades as well as equip myself with the knowledge required to pursue my career through education. In order to attain these educational goals I will have to study very hard, be highly attentive during my classes, thoroughly read and understand the content of lectures and textbook and indulge in research work to enhance my knowledge. In order to attain academic success during college I will be required to develop research skills, communication skills as well as interpersonal skills. These skills will help me in presenting well, performing well in my exams, quizzes and presentations and learn from the expertise of my seniors.
The results of the career inventory states that I have scored 18 in hospitality and tourism and I have scored 13 in human services. These results indicate that I am interested in serving people and I am interested in helping people. These results even indicate that I am a people centered human being and want to be around other individuals. The inventory affirms my believes that I should select a career in which I will be able to help people and that is why I have decided to pursue medical technology as my majors. By majoring in medical technology I will be able to help people understand and develop medical technologies which will help in the caring and quality of care provided to patients.
General education is of immense importance for the attainment of both career based as well as academic goals. Attaining general education will help me in developing various skills and knowledge that will ultimately help me in pursuing both academic and career goals. General education will assist me in developing the skills of time management. This is because during education I will be required to manage my time in an efficient and effective manner as I will have immense workload. Development of time management skills will help me in ensuring that my course work linked with all the courses is completed and is of high quality. Time management skills will even be used during professional pursuits as during professional work I will face immense workload that will be accompanied with limited time. General education will help me developing interpersonal skills and communication skills that will help me in working as team with other peer on various academic projects. These skills will even be useful in understanding other people at the organization in which I will work.
By the time I reach the stage in which I will be attending my 10th high school union I want to attain the goal of becoming a manager of an organization that focuses on developing medical technology. In order to attain this long-term goal I will have to start working with a medical technology developing organization as an executive as soon as I graduate from college. After joining as an executive I will learn and get promoted to different levels of the organization in order to ultimately reach the managerial level. Read More
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“Attaining Educational And Career Goals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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