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Reflection 5 - Essay Example

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Among the guiding principles in my life and leadership story include: good moral reasoning, showing confidence, hope, optimism, compassion, self-discipline, and ability to establish a good relationship with other people. In general, effective leaders are the ones who can set as…
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Reflection 5
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Extract of sample "Reflection 5"

ID Number & Reflection on Authentic Leadership Development Among the guiding principles in my life and leadership story include: good moral reasoning, showing confidence, hope, optimism, compassion, self-discipline, and ability to establish a good relationship with other people. In general, effective leaders are the ones who can set as a good example to other people. Therefore, to win the trust and support of other people, it is necessary to have a strong self-discipline, self-confidence, hope, optimism, compassion, relationship, and a good moral reasoning. Basically, a good moral reasoning is importance in terms of helping us make morally right decisions all the time.
All these principles are meaningful to me in the sense that I can use these in guiding me on how to become a better leader someday. To integrate these seven (7) principles in daily living, I need to make it a habit to practice show more confidence by being optimistic in life. It is equally important to be compassionate and build strong relationship with other people. To practice of good moral reasoning, it is important to think first before making an action. For reinforcement, listening to what other people see me could help me realize how I can further improve myself as a leader.
After discussing my life story over the past several weeks, I managed to frame my life story as something that can give me a positive hope and desire to further enhancing my existing leadership skills. Based on the previous exercises, I realized that our past experiences can be used as a benchmark in determining how each individual can develop themselves into a better and more effective leader. By learning from our previous mistakes, it is easier for us to avoid committing the same errors in our future encounter with other people. It will also give us a good insight on what a good leader should be.
Being an optimistic person, I prefer to use some of my previous life story in an entirely new perspective. For example, being a generous person, I used to treat my colleagues for snacks just to get them to listen and support me with whatever I wish to accomplish in life. After going through a series of reflection, I realized that being generous is not the only way to win the support of other people. In fact, the use of affect and positive praises can even be more effective in terms of motivating other people to support my desires and goals in life.
Internal motivators include expanding my knowledge, improving one’s own personality by being physically and mentally fit, further improvement in communication and interpersonal skills, strong will, and desire for learning whereas external motivators include receiving higher pay, accepting financial rewards, given a free tour or trip to another country, public acceptance, and praises for an outstanding job performance. As a leader, I will focus on internal motivators by making it a habit to further improve myself physically and mentally. With a strong desire to learn, I can easily improve not only my communication and interpersonal skills but also widen the scope of my existing knowledge. Read More
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