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Authentic Leadership for you personally? List of personal leadership principles for rest of your life. Authentic leadership comes as something that is according to the norms, values, and book patterns. It is something that runs in line with the pre defined rules of general leadership…
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Personal Change
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Download file to see previous pages Personal leadership principles for rest of the life would entail honest working, humble approach, dedication and devotion, and fair dealings without any compromise on the matter and subject of leadership and the given task at hand. What personal growth and insight have u developed for yourself by attending this class? How are they meaningful? The class experience allowed for better understanding of the concept of leadership. The various tests, the handling of the unforeseen situations. The class environment allowed me to work on the areas where I lacked behind, and explore the new dimensions such as that of the authentic leadership. Further growth was seen in form of comprehending the situation and foreseeing the future and creating a strategy adaptive to the circumstances. The leadership tasks and programs allowed for clear expression of ideas, and potential contained inside and enabled personality development with regard to the leadership and individual Your experience as a leader. Example from class or elsewhere. My experience of leadership constitutes both in the class environment as well as the life outside it. ...
The class leadership allowed me to know how to take along the group members, how to keep them together in a coherent manner and make the best use of their resources and abilities. The early life orientation towards a more societal sphere of life and activities enabled me understanding the concept of leadership since each individual has to be a leader in his own life. Various other daily routine activities and handling of small events and issues serve as example of leadership which speaks of the will, skill ability and determination towards becoming an effective leader and helping the overall project at hand. What changes did u initiate in yourself and what was the effect of your leadership on the outcome? Leadership is a continuously learning and improving process. My journey was no different and I had to make certain changes and adjustments with time. This included overcoming the short comings, reflecting on what I had done in recent pasts and then compared those activities with the desired outputs and through reflections made an effort to perform better in the nearly same endeavors in the future. Various activities in the class provided an opportunity to reflect on various areas. The meditation process was one of them, and the subsequent group discussion. Introducing the feedback concept and making it part of the overall leadership process made the task easier and effective. I re crafted my skills and the working mechanism with aim of further improvement and affectivity focusing on better results from the undertaken activity. How did u impact the team (positively or negatively)? My impact on the team was a positive one, since I incorporated the authentic leadership style and pattern and also made use of the adaptive techniques of management and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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