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Leadership - Assignment Example

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In the face of today’s ever changing business environment and the day to day business challenges that the business face, there is a growing demand for a far more genuine and unique leadership style.The Authentic leadership style is a way to relate originally to oneself and…
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Extract of sample "Leadership"

Download file to see previous pages The today business world faces numerous challenges; the economic world is actually characterized by the never unknown transformations of new technologies, ever growing and changing market demands and the global competition (Gardner & Schermerhorn Jr, 2004). There is a high level of uncertainties and complexities facing the workers in their various workplaces, and the job roles are becoming very ambiguous and the originations have found a new companion called change.
The leaders who look at company matters for their personal gains instead of considering the organizational well-being usually because deep resignation, general mistrust amongst the employees and the citizens, in general. In this unpredictable business environment, demand for new original leadership is rising very fast. The lack of the public trust in the business world always has some consequences which are very dangerous to the many who enjoy the market system and that is why the development of unique set of business leaders who treat the very people who work for them as the backbone of their business and the key to success rather than some capital incentives for doing business is actually very essential (Dent, Higgins, & Wharff, 2005).
Many people are going round looking for the actual meaning of their working life, looking for the leaders who can restore the much-needed trust, the ever needed confidence, optimism and the much-envied resilience. The society in the today’s world is in the constant need of innovative and sustained performance which is based on the much needed ethical values that usually go beyond the daily financial gains.
The secret of leading the ever growing leading business organizations firmly lies in the slow development and some adoption and integration of authentic leaders who can actually give their employees the much needed guidance and together march on for a shared vision, and the authentic leaders who are competent enough ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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... of personal leadership development would enhance the chances of my success in post-academic life. I define success as a continuing phenomenon of setting goals and achieving them, with each succeeding goal being higher or nobler than the preceding one. Success is a relative term as well, in the sense that it is as much a feeling of self-satisfaction as the recognition that one gains in an organization or society at large. I place great importance on personal probity, teamwork, participation in peripheral fields of activities etc. as the means to achieve success and recognition. Ideally, I wish to work for any organization that reflects my personal beliefs in order that I contribute to it with full sense of participation, and grow along...
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... on the assumption that people’s styles and behaviours cannot be influenced or modified in any way. The leadership theory is formed by a combination of three factors, which are, leader-member relation, task structure and positional power (Da Cruz et al, 2011, p.9). Leader-member relation measures acceptance between all hierarchies within the organization where acceptance is determined by trust, confidence a feeling of adequacy and motivation by leaders. In relation to task structure, it refers to a measure of clarity that a project or a defined task carries and the methods used to achieve the product. These allows progress to be tracked, this is because of the presence of clear guidelines as to how a task should be...
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...the ones who would take over the next phase of the project. As a result, we completed the presentation in time and our marketing team likewise completed their part of the project within the required deadline. I believe that our teamwork demonstrated the transformational leadership that I possessed. Needless to say, the director was impressed at how I proactively attended to the case in his absence. He recognized the deep understanding that I had on the mechanics of our company. I consider this particular moment crucial in my development because it made me realize that the success of any endeavor will lie largely on the leader who is able to recognize that the project’s success is actually dependent on the performance of the team as a...
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... are elected into positions of business leadership believe that they can be able to withstand all temptations. However, in making such assumptions, they blind themselves to the possibility that they are deceiving themselves. Most business leaders never set out to intentionally commit fraud or sexually harass their subordinates. However, their exaggerated belief in their own greatness can actually stop them from installing systems that will keep them in check. A good leader has to be able to understand that he has human failings. He or she will put systems in check to ensure that the limits of his or her authority are not breached. This is one of the hardest things to do. Of necessity, people praise leaders and refrain from pointing out...
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Leadership handle the issues in his own style to deliver the desired result. So, the basic characteristic of leadership is trust of followers in ‘leader’s capacity. There are several theories on ‘leadership’ but at the end it is trust of followers and leader’s capacity to deliver, which counts most. The leader faces many resistances while introducing a change in the ongoing process. But it’s his confidence and consistency that motivates him and guides him throughout his life. Leaders also have the unique capacity to foresee things which the people with non-leadership traits fail to realize. The focus of our thesis is to study the recent news articles related to leadership and...
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...differences for the greater cause i.e. the achievement of the goal. That individual is leader. Leadership is manifested in the thinking and ideology of the leader. For some reason, the leader is superior to the followers. “Plato proposed that leadership requires a special talent, and only those few who possess such talent should be trained toward its proper utilization. Having rigorously developed this talent, the philosopher-kings, the guardians, should rule” (Cawthon, 2002, p. 10). This superiority may come from greater experience, knowledge, skills, or some other quality that is of great value and significance in the achievement of the goal that the leader and the followers are mutually interested in...
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..., and adaptability to situations. However, in the modern day world, corporations have witnessed a drastic change in the model of leadership where no such model can be regarded perfectly right or absolutely wrong. Their implementation has become leader specific. The change in leadership style has been reflected in terms of the leader’s vision, planning, and effective application of resources in order to ensure a smooth and friendly operating environment whereby high level of productivity and personnel satisfaction can be achieved. As such this report will focus on different theories of leadership and will evaluate the leadership style of three leaders, Brain, Larry and...
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.... Concepts like influence of stress, tactics to implement change etc are being also discussed in order increase robustness of discussion. In the later part, the paper has taken help of motivational theories in order to describe the influence of workplace supervisor on driving motivation among subordinates. At the final part, self reflective analysis has also been incorporated in order to address learning outcomes. In many occasions, theoretical arguments of various research scholars are being incorporated in order to understand leadership behavior of the leader in the example. Introduction In this essay, the researcher will shed light on the relevance of leadership theories in context to his/her professional experience ore in simple word...
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Leadership - leadership versus followership them. They assume that people are motivated by money. Leaders with bad leadership traits normally or wrongly assume that there must be very detailed work routines and enforced milestones to ensure that every work gets done. According to Allio, a bad leader apart from failing both professionally as well as personally, would destruct the organizations and regrettably the employees and the shareholders A good leader must be tough enough to win a fight, but not tough enough to kick a man when he is down. They find strategies to increase the owners fund, encourage change in the wrong direction rather than resisting it. Further they influence their subordinate in a negative rather than coerce them into a positive...
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Leadership and Leadership Development

... a pre-defined amount of work done by using the workforce that is available to him. He is also responsible to oversee the working and conduct of his workers (Herzberg, 2008). Keeping in view this description, it is logical to assert that a first-line supervisor deserves to be trained to allow him supervise effectively during his job hours. He should be motivated by informing him about the possibility of his growth and by evaluating his performance and rewarding him if he performs better. Leader of this level can opt for an autocratic leadership style since it is important that his orders be obeyed to ensure smooth productivity of the firm. At middle manager level, the nature of responsibility changes and such a manager has to coordinate...
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