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Authentic Leadership Development - Research Paper Example

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There are stressors that are unique in the world currently and they have forced for a change that focuses on changing the things that constitute leadership that is genuine…
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Authentic Leadership Development
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Download file to see previous pages Most people would not be willing to offer the type of commitment that an authentic leader is expected to offer. A good leader should be able to incorporate good systems that can be followed by employees in a manner that is favorable and easy to follow. The leader should also ensure that the policies of a company are convenient in a manner that most people would be comfortable and most people would maximize their output from the available environment and policies.
Leadership that is authentic usually requires a person to be the epitome of the changes that may be expected in the company or the changes that are expected in the environment that a person is living. Authentic leadership usually involves doing things that are right and at the same time exercising humility that is expected when stand with people that are not above the leaders. A leader that is authentic will not be afraid to roll their sleeves in order to get hands dirty. Such a person usually has the courage that would allow him to drop his or her values irrespective of anything. An authentic leader is one that is willing to take an action that is right even in a situation whereby he faces diversity that is extreme.
A leader that is independent should be committed to growth that is personal, evolution and change. This may be referred to as private victory. The victories are usually focused at development and growth that is personal. This type of leadership usually defines who a person is, his values and the way such a person would react to the environment around him or her. There are three elements that would help a person to succeed independently. They include;
Been proactive- a person should be willing to accept responsibility for the actions and any kind of responses that may accrue from the people that are around you. A person has the power to choose the path that him or her can chose and that implies that the background of the person does not have to affect the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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