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Critically evaluate the literature relating to the role of coaching in developing leadership capabilities and reflect on your ab - Essay Example

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Role of Coaching in Developing Leadership Capabilities of Clients Student Number and Number Name of Professor Number of Words: 3,003 Introduction In the absence of competitive leadership, a lot of business organizations were not able to effectively compete in the global markets…
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Critically evaluate the literature relating to the role of coaching in developing leadership capabilities and reflect on your ab
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Extract of sample "Critically evaluate the literature relating to the role of coaching in developing leadership capabilities and reflect on your ab"

Download file to see previous pages 12). As compared to other leadership techniques, coaching is more focused on improving employees’ learning (Lee, 2003, p. 60). Over the past few decades, the role of coaching in the study of leadership has developed to the extent that coaching has been considered one of the most significant components in the development of executive leadership. Using relevant theories, this report will focus on evaluating the literature behind the role of coaching in the development of effective leadership capabilities. Aside from appraising the characteristics of effective leaders, this report will critically review the role of coaches in the development of leadership characteristics by comparing the leadership approaches of different authors in terms of achieving these outcomes. Working as a part-time sales supervisor in one of the well-known insurance companies in UK, coaching leadership is important in terms of making me able to effectively facilitate a positive business outcome with my clients. Because of the importance of developing coaching leadership when managing a group of people (i.e. ...
Since employees can be self-sufficient, improvements in the customer service quality is also possible. Leadership Leadership is often mistaken as a management skill. Despite the close similarities between leadership and management skills, there are still some clear differences between the two. In line with this, Winston and Patterson (2006, p. 7) explained that leadership is actually referring to the ability of the corporate leaders to “influence, select, equip, and train” employees in order to improve their existing skills and work performances aside from encouraging this group of people to be willing in participating in the guidance of the corporate leaders. By encouraging employees to work towards a single organizational goal, there is a higher chance for them to improve the overall work performance of the group. On the other hand, management skills are referring to the corporate managers’ ability to handle the actual business affairs (Merriam-Webster 2011). It is easy to appoint any person to be a corporate manager. However, not all corporate managers are good leaders. Corporate leadership is an important skill that managers should develop. According to van Maurik (1994, p. 121), a competitive corporate leader should have “wisdom, integrity, sensitivity, and tenacity (WITS)”. By having these special characteristics, a good leader will be able to develop and implement a clear organizational vision that can make managers easily make business decisions that are heavily based on facts. Given that leadership is a learnt and acquired skill, it is a wrong belief to think that “leaders are born leaders” (Cox 2010). As stated by Adair (2005, p. 7), ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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