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Nurturing the Childrens Spirituality in the Learning Process - Essay Example

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This essay analyses the panacea to both personal and social illnesses in education.A number of youths seemed to be confronting such perceived mental illness born out of depression, thus, there appears to need to holistically respond to look into the physical, social and cultural necessities…
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Nurturing the Childrens Spirituality in the Learning Process
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"Nurturing the Childrens Spirituality in the Learning Process"

Download file to see previous pages In such a way they are able to maintain compassionate and balance learning process to make them pro-active in school activities. Through this, they are expected to enjoy social cohesion and harmony within and outside of the school.
De Souza (2004) asserted that Values Education and Clarification have been considered by the state as significant to be integrated into the curriculum to teach learners moral values as an inspirational tool in defining their good relationship with the rest of humanity and creation. Since the 1960s, moral values are a significant parcel in the formation of the learners’ affective domains to integrate their emotional, attitudinal, values and beliefs’ constructions (De Souza, 2004). Experts believed that values and moral are derivatives of peoples’ emotive sense and, thus, are not viewed as relevant in their cognitive being (De Souza, 2004). Hence, it’s this dichotomy of human existence that made it confusing and difficult to arrive at a common understanding of values of education (De Souza, 2004). It’s in this context that experts dealt the dualism of educational philosophy: language and practice (De Souza, 2004). They adopted an educational pattern for cognitive development and for values education to develop a standard behavior and intelligence of learners and to nurture that sense of commitment among individuals based on virtue and values (De Souza, 2004; Lambert, 2003, Noddings, 2010).
Some psychologists observed that this has been considered as an effective tool since historical experiences proved that the integration of values in improving learners’ intellectual pursuits made people resilient in times of recession, conflicts, and social upheavals and during wars (Cacioppe & Edwards, 2005; Glendinning, 2005; Gross, 2004). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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